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Year In Industry Overseas

If you're looking to give your CV or personal statement that extra edge in applications, or just want to get some experience in the field you want to go into, then consider a year in industry overseas for your gap year. If can also be a great way to earn money for future travels, or for something like university expenses.

With the job market now so ultra-competitive it's vital that you stand out from the rest, and a year in industry abroad can do exactly that. Not only will you have a year's worth of experience in your field, but you'll also have experience working abroad - amongst a different culture, possibly a different language, and different kinds of people. This is an invaluable trait in the shrinking world of today, where international dealings are far more commonplace.

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Great experience on your gap year

It's important to mix in your year in industry with something you really want to do. After all, if you're going to be abroad for a year you have to take advantage of what the country has to offer, whether that be seeing the great sights, or doing something you can't do at home.

In addition to all this, you may find that your year's placement becomes a career opportunity. Many people, depending on how well they do and if the company has the resources, find that their work placement company offers them to return to employment after their studies, and so this could give you a bit of peace of mind for the future in that you don't have to panic so much about finding a job.

So overall, a year in industry is a brilliant opportunity to gain valuable experience, make some money, make a move on your future career and visit a different country, seeing how it is to live life abroad.

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Expect to earn £10 to £15 an hour with paid work in Oz! Start with 8 days of fun in Sydney plus 12 months of expert job offers, advice and support - awesome!

from £549

12 months

Work as an Au Pair in the USA for a year. Earn over USD10,000 and gain amazing childcare experience abroad. Flights, accommodation, meals and insurance included, plus a 3-night orientation in New York!

from £449

Up to 12 months job support

Aged 18-30? Earn money with paid work in New Zealand! Start with 7 days of fun, adventure and Maori culture in Auckland and the Bay of Islands, plus 12 months of job advice and support. Wages are typically between £7 and £11 an hour, so get out there and start earning!

from £799

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30 and looking for paid ranch work in Australia? This 9-day package includes 4 days relaxing in the beautiful beach resort of Noosa, 5 days ranch training and a guaranteed paid ranch job in the Oz outback, with wages typically £8.50 to £15 an hour!

from £1,549

Up to 12 months

Enjoy the ultimate combination of travel and work in sunny Australia. Enjoy 5 weeks of backpacking along the Aussie East Coast, and then work Down Under for up to 12 months with expert support every step of the way!

from £2,639

Up to 12 months

Jet Down Under and discover the magic of Melbourne in Southern Australia. Enjoy a week of awesome intro activities and then get set up with everything you need for life, work and travel in Oz.

from £549

Up to 12 months

Travel the length of Thailand for a month before heading over to Bali for a brilliant 12-day tour, and then spend the ultimate year living and working down under with an awesome Oz jobs programme. It’s the complete travel package! 

from £2,839

Up to 12 months or longer

Explore the world & even earn money as you go on this awesome 360 trip for the budget backpacker! Explore Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA on this round-the-world adventure!

from £2,289

Up to 12 months

Combine travel and paid work in awesome New Zealand with this 2 or 7-night comprehensive working holiday package. Experience the wonders of this incredible country whilst earning typical New Zealand wages of between £7 and £11 an hour and making friends!

from £429

Up to 12 months

Work and travel in New Zealand! This paid work and travel package includes a week of fun in Auckland & the Bay of Islands, 12 months of job support and a brilliant, flexible bus pass! Expect to earn between £7 and £11 an hour, and then spend that well-earned cash on the road!

from £1,389