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Cambodia Gap Year

Cambodia Gap Year: Explore colourful Cambodia with Gap 360

Colourful and charismatic, Cambodia oozes with cultural cool and authentic Asian charm. If you want to see Asia on a shoestring you should make Cambodia a must-see stop off. Cambodia's mix of cities, ancient archaeological sites and captivating culture means the country soon seduces any gap year traveller. Be amazed by the awesome site of Angkor Wat; have a priceless time in Phnom Penh without breaking the bank; see the stunning city of Siem Reap or relax on some beautiful beaches on the sands of Sihanoukville. Catch a ride to Cambodia and treat yourself to a top-class gap year trip.

Cambodia Key Facts

14 or 20 days

Have an adventure to remember in beautiful Cambodia and discover stunning temples, beautiful countryside and buzzing beach parties. Plus, make a difference with a rewarding 4-day volunteer project. Choose from 2 or 3-week travel options!

from £779.00

38 days

Explore Thailand and Cambodia in one amazing Asian trip. Experience 29 days in Thailand and 10 days in Cambodia, including volunteering, hill treks, elephant experiences, Angkor Wat, beach & party time! 

from £1,989.00

9-14 weeks

See the best of Asia with this incredible package trip! Explore Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Bali, and discover gorgeous landscapes and cultural delights. Add in China and the Philippines to really make the most of your Asian adventure!

from £3,599.00

51 days

Discover Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia in one awesome Asian adventure trip. Spend 12 days in Vietnam, have 4-weeks of fun in Thailand and enjoy 10 sensational days in Cambodia!

from £2,799.00

Up to 12 months or longer

Our amazing Global 360 trip is packed with all our favourite programmes! Choose from four awesome round-the-world packages or design your own Global 360 and add in your dream destinations or activities.

from £4,129.00

11-39 days or longer

Explore Asia with one of three brilliant, flexible Stray bus passes, valid for 12 months. Discover the best bits of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam using these unique bus passes!

from £669.00

30 days

See 4 amazing countries in 4 weeks on this Indochina voyage of discovery. Beginning and ending in Bangkok, this epic tour takes you to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos on the trip of a lifetime!

from £1,949.00

Up to 12 months

Explore the world & even earn money as you go on this awesome 360 trip for the budget backpacker! Explore Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA on this round-the-world adventure!

from £2,469.00

31 days

Explore the very best of Southeast Asia on this epic 4-country trip. Spend 31 days travelling with a group and guide, and experience the beautiful landscapes and buzzing cities of this incredible part of the world!

from £1,379.00

10 days

Explore the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat, the historical districts of Phnom Penh, and the blissful beaches of Sihanoukville on this fantastic group tour through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

from £599.00