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China Gap Year

China Gap Year: Travel in colourful China with Gap 360

Experience China on your gap year and enjoy the wonders of its pagodas, palaces and pandas. Ultra-modern cities sit alongside ancient temples and make China a heady combination of old and new. China is home to some of the world's greatest treasures, including the Forbidden Palace, The Terracotta Army, and the extraordinary Great Wall! Get paid to teach and travel or take an exciting country-wide tour - your mates will marvel at your new found Mandarin skills. So get out your chopsticks and tuck in to this oriental feast for all the senses; China is the world's rising star so why not bask in its limelight on a gap year you'll never forget?

China Key Facts

27 days

Discover China on an amazing 27-day round trip tour from Hong Kong. See the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and much more on this epic China Adventure!

from £1,599.00

9-14 weeks

See the best of Asia with this incredible package trip! Explore Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Bali, and discover gorgeous landscapes and cultural delights. Add in China and the Philippines to really make the most of your Asian adventure!

from £3,499.00

67 days

Explore the very best of the exotic east and discover the wonders of Vietnam, Thailand & China on this ultimate multi-country Asian extravaganza!

from £3,679.00

4 weeks

Train in a stunning Buddhist monastery and learn Kung Fu from the masters. Discover new moves, improve your fitness and flexibility, and soak up the tranquillity of this amazing location. It’s a truly unique martial arts experience!

from £899.00

9 days

Spend 9 days backpacking through China on this fantastic group trip! Spend a night camping on the Great Wall of China, discover the bamboo forests of Moganshan and sing your heart out at a karaoke night in Shanghai!

from £619.00

12 months

Aged 24-35? Got a degree? Earn money with a paid teaching job in China! Gain a 120-hour online TEFL qualification then spend 1 year as a paid teacher in China, typically earning between £615 to £870 a month!

from £599.00