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Get a Qualification

Do you want to get a qualification on your gap trip? If you want to come home with an internationally-recognised qualification under your belt, look no further! Add a new skill to your CV and set yourself on a new path by spending your gap year gaining a brand new qualification. Learn new skills in one of the world’s most amazing countries and turn travel into gap year gold!

If you want to teach English abroad, gain a TEFL qualification, your pass to teach around the world. Fancy learning to scuba dive? Sign up to get a PADI dive qualification on your travels. Why not train as a surf instructor Down Under? Train as a crew member and sail around Australia’s stunning seas. Or complete a ski/snowboard instructor course in New Zealand or the USA and make your CV sizzle!

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Gain a scuba diving qualification abroad

Gain a TEFL teaching qualification

Do you dream of teaching English and earning money all around the world? If so, you’ll need to complete a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training course. Choose to train in-country in Thailand on our TEFL in Thailand programme. Or join one of our paid teaching programmes in Asia and gain your 120-hour TEFL online or while you travel, plus land a paid teaching job into the bargain!

Get a PADI Open Water qualification

Do you want to learn to scuba dive? Discover underwater worlds all around the globe and get your PADI Open Water qualification on your gap trip. Travel to Thailand and learn to dive on the idyllic island of Koh Tao, or do your PADI training in Australia at the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef. Head to beautiful Belize for a dive experience with a difference: Complete your PADI course and then take part in an incredible marine conservation project on a paradise island!

Train as a surf instructor

Surf’s up! If you fancy spending 3 months surfing and relaxing by the beach in Australia (and who doesn’t?) check out our Surf Instructor course in Oz. Not only will you have fun hanging out at relaxing Surf Camp, you’ll learn some serious surf skills and come away with an internationally-recognised Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification at the end of your stay – awesome!

Become a ski or snowboard instructor

Land yourself an internationally-recognised ski/snowboard instructor qualification. Train at an amazing ski resort in either Queenstown, New Zealand or in Colorado, USA. Enjoy hitting the slopes for 3 months of epic training adventures, and come away with a qualification which will enable you to coach skiing or snowboarding in incredible ski resorts worldwide – wow!

Land a sailing qualification

If you want to set sail and cruise the seven seas, why not travel to Australia for a 23-day sailing training course? Get experience as a crew member on a Maxi Yacht, learn the ropes and have an unforgettable sailing adventure Down Under. At the end you’ll have a new string to your bow - an NSCV (National Standards for Commercial Vessels) Commercial Crew course qualification. There’s even the possibility of finding a paid sailing job in Australia once your training ends!

Get set for gap year adventures and add a new qualification to your CV!

6 or 12 months

Take 120 hours of TEFL training in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin in Thailand before taking on a paid teaching role in schools across Thailand and earning up to USD1200 per month!

from £1,199.00

23 days or longer

Gain NSCV Commercial Crew Course qualifications: training to become a skilled and uniformed member of the yacht crew with a potential offer of employment at the end of your trip.

from £1,999.00

5 days

Try an underwater Aussie gap to earn your PADI Open Water certification in the incredible waters of the Great Barrier Reef!

from £699.00

12 months

Aged 24-35? Got a degree? Earn money with a paid teaching job in China! Gain a 120-hour online TEFL qualification then spend 1 year as a paid teacher in China, typically earning between £615 to £870 a month!

from £599.00

6 days

Spend five days swimming through our PADI scuba diving course, mastering your submarine skills in the idyllic waters of Koh Tao Island. Spot gorgeous underwater wildlife and gain a qualificaiton that will let you dive all around the world!

from £459.00

4 weeks

Spend an incredible month in Thailand, training to get a 120-hour TEFL qualification. Stay in the beautiful Thai beach resort of Hua Hin and add new skills to your CV!

from £999.00

12 months

Aged 21-35? Got a degree? Earn at least USD 20,000 per year as a paid teacher in South Korea, plus a TEFL Course, cultural course, free flights, cultural excursion weekends and accommodation included!

from £599.00

7-28 days

Go off the beaten track in beautiful Belize. Enjoy a marine conservation and dive adventure and stay on an idyllic island in the Caribbean Sea!

from £899.00

11 weeks

Spend 11 weeks training to become an NZSIA qualified ski or snowboard instructor in the breathtaking snowscape of Queenstown's mountains. Now you can become a ski or snowboard coach anywhere around the world.

from £9,199.00

Up to 12 months

Get a paid teaching job guaranteed before you travel to beautiful Burma (Myanmar): Earn up to USD1200 a month, and gain that all-important TEFL qualification too!

from £1,429.00