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Duration: 1,2 or 3 months

Live the beach life in sunny Oz
Gain a surf qualification
Learn to surf like a pro

Want to train to become a Surf Instructor in Oz, surf Australia’s awesome waves and hang out on beautiful beaches for 3 months? Why not?! Make new surfing buddies, live the beach lifestyle at Surf Camp, enjoy surf adventures every day and train to become a Level 1 Surf Instructor at the same time. This course is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to those with previous surf skills. By the end of your course you’ll not only have all the tricks of the surfing trade but you’ll have Surf Instructor training and a Level 1 qualification. Then you’re perfectly placed to pass on your surf skills to other enthusiastic surf squaddies and become a surf instructor anywhere in the world - wow! Oh, and did we mention the beaches? Bliss! 

Trip highlights

  • Spend 3 months training as a surf instructor from amazing Aussie East Coast beaches: Suitable for beginner surfers to more experienced surfers
  • Have a full week of ultimate surf fun to kick-start your surf adventures!
  • Stay at a stunning beachside Surf Camp and make like-minded surf buddies as you live the beach lifestyle - all accommodation and meals are included
  • Surf from some of Australia’s most breathtaking beaches such as those at Byron Bay - surfer heaven!
  • Gain your internationally-recognised Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification and head off to earn money as a surf instructor anywhere in the world - awesome!
Further trip information

If you want to ride on the crest of a wave, this 3-month Surf Instructor course in Australia offers incredible surf lessons and coaching experience to prepare you to become a qualified surf instructor, and is suitable for beginners or more experienced surfers alike!

Where better to seek out the top surf spots than amazing Australia, a Mecca for surfers from all across the world? Plus you get to live with other surfers at a stunning Surf Camp on the Aussie East Coast, hang out on the beach and make new friends – amazing!

Kick-start your surf adventures with 5 days of surfing fun!

Starting with a week of fun and adventure at Surf Camp, you’ll make new surfing mates and get settled in to the dream surfer’s lifestyle by the beach. During this amazing adventure week you’ll get a chance to surf at some of Australia’s East Coast hotspots, from beaches in stunning Sydney, beautiful Byron Bay and buzzing Brisbane. Learn surf skills and boost your beach and ocean confidence as you get bitten by the surfing bug, socialize with your new found surfer buddies and enjoy Aussie barbies on the beach for the perfect, fun, relaxed start to surf academy. Get set for 3 unforgettable months by the beach - surf’s up!

Live the surf lifestyle by the beach...

Enjoy the Aussie beach lifestyle, make new surf buddies and train to become a Surf Instructor over 3 incredible months at Surf Camp. Discover Australia’s most beautiful beaches and ride the waves at some top surf spots as you train as a Surf Instructor in this paradise location. Surrounded by a stunning National Marine Park, Surf Camp really is a haven for any surf lovers!

The camp is tucked away, providing a safe and secret location where you can immerse yourself in all things surf and soak up the sunshine. Live a relaxed surfer’s lifestyle in the comfortable, friendly Surf Camp environment. With easy access to hot surf spots, this is a relaxed base from which to enjoy long nights chatting round the campfire, tuck in to traditional Aussie BBQs, listen to music with your new friends and get away from it all by the beach. You’ll be blown away by this beautiful coastal area of Australia!

There are lots of fun activities available in and around Surf Camp, including kayaking, volleyball, kangaroo golf, rock pool swimming, or dolphin and whale spotting, so you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied when you’re not surfing. With all your accommodation and meals included at Surf Camp, you won’t have to worry about a thing – except for which wave to ride next of course!

Surf Instructor Training

If you dream of hitting the surf every day then this sensational Surf Instructor training will make all your surf dreams come true! During the 3-month training schedule, you’ll learn all there is to know about board balance, negotiating all types of waves, and how to improve positioning, speed and confidence in the ocean. From learning the proper way to paddle to the ideal surfboard position, you’ll advance to fine-tuning take offs and perfecting your pop ups. Soon you’ll be confident walking the board, switch-footing, trying a surfing turn or a duck dive! 

Master some cool manoeuvres until you’re completely at ease on the seas. Once you’re confident enough to catch those waves then it’s time to take up your role as instructor, learning all you need to about teaching others to make a splash as a surfer. Pass on your surfing secrets and take to the waves in style!

Weeks 2-4: Learn more surf skills: After you have enjoyed your first week of fun and surfing adventures, it’s time to consolidate your surf skills at surf academy. During this first month you will learn a wide range of surfing skills and it will set you up in the first stage towards becoming a skilled surfer and a qualified surf instructor.

Weeks 5-8: Refine your surf skills: By your second month you’ll be improving your surf skills and moving on to an intermediate level on the ocean. This is the time to learn even more amazing tricks and tips and gain more in-depth instructor skills, sending you well on your way to qualified instructor status!

Weeks 9-11: Surf instructor specialist skills: In your final month at surf academy you will learn all the skills you need to become a surf instructor, as well as gaining first aid, resuscitation and safety skills. 

Week 12: Practical coaching experience + gain your Surf Instructor qualification: In your final week at surf academy you will put into practice all the surf skills you have learnt over the past three months. During this brilliant last few days you will get hands-on giving coaching experience to new surf recruits at Surf Camp. At the end of the week you will walk away with an internationally-recognised Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification. This is the beginning of a lifelong surf adventure!

1 and 2 Month Surf Development Courses

Do you dream of becoming a surf star and travelling the world riding the waves? Or maybe you are looking to learn how to surf or brush up on the basics if it’s been a while since you were last on a board? If you don’t have 3 months to spare then we offer shorter 1 month and 2 month surf academy courses. There isn’t any local payment for the one or two month courses as you are not working towards the instructor qualification, but rather developing your surf skills. The courses are suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to those with previous surf skills. The courses will introduce you to the wild world of surfing and teach you all the top tips and tricks to gain some serious surf skills.

Surf Schedule

Your regular weekly surf schedule runs from Monday-Friday with your weekends off to explore, relax and soak up the sunshine Down Under. Spending your mornings splashing about in the surf, you’ll start your surf lessons at 9am during weekdays.  Afternoons are about a combination of fitness techniques and surf theory, so you can pick up all the top tips to make you a seriously skilled surfer.

Local Payment (3 month course only)

There is an extra local payment of AUD1000 (approx £600) on the 3 month trip, to be paid on arrival. This is to cover the cost of your surf instructor exam, and the team at Surf Camp will assess your skills to ensure that you are capable of passing the exam before charging you for this extra payment. You can pay this amount by credit or debit card on arrival at Camp. 

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Please note the 3 month course has a AUD$1000 local payment.