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Paid Office Jobs Abroad

Getting an office job is one of the most popular ways of working abroad. Whether you're looking for a job as a general administrator, secretary or PA, or you dream of working in marketing, sales or customer services, you'll find plenty of fantastic office jobs available abroad.

Working in an office job abroad is an entirely different experience from the daily grind at home. You'll gain great work experience in another country, earn money and explore the world at the same time. Office jobs overseas offer a wide variety of roles. You can find general office and administration jobs which don't require previous experience, or find paid professional office positions. There are so many amazing office job opportunities on offer around the world!

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Paid office jobs abroad

Office and administration jobs in Australia

If you want to land yourself an office or administration job abroad, then Australia should be top of your list! Our Absolute Oz jobs package in Australia gives you access to an exclusive jobs database, that includes a wide range of amazing office or administration jobs all across Australia. The Absolute Oz programme also includes one week of fun in Sydney before you begin your job search!

Office and administration jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand is another perfect paid work destination. Our popular Absolute NZ Jobs package includes a week of adventure and activities and gives you access to job support and a database of awesome office and administration jobs across New Zealand.

Earn money in an office job abroad

If you want to add some sizzle to your CV, get searching for your perfect office or administration job abroad and start earning money in incredible destinations!

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Expect to earn £10 to £15 an hour with paid work in Oz! Start with 8 days of fun in Sydney plus 12 months of expert job offers, advice and support - awesome!

from £549

Up to 12 months job support

Aged 18-30? Earn money with paid work in New Zealand! Start with 7 days of fun, adventure and Maori culture in Auckland and the Bay of Islands, plus 12 months of job advice and support. Wages are typically between £7 and £11 an hour, so get out there and start earning!

from £799

Up to 12 months

Work and travel in New Zealand! This paid work and travel package includes a week of fun in Auckland & the Bay of Islands, 12 months of job support and a brilliant, flexible bus pass! Expect to earn between £7 and £11 an hour, and then spend that well-earned cash on the road!

from £1,389

Up to 12 months or longer

Fund your travels by working abroad: See the globe on a shoestring, and pay your way with amazing jobs Down Under. The ultimate gold-digging gap year!

from £2,829

Up to 12 months job support

Work and travel in Australia! This paid work and travel package includes 1 week of fun in Sydney, 12 months of job support and a travel pass along the East Coast. Expect to earn between £10 to £15 an hour!

from £1,089

Up to 12 months

A 5 day jobs and orientation package for 18-30 year olds, helping you to find work in Australia in no time! Get advice and the essential job support you'll need to secure an Aussie job. Typical wages are £10 to £15 an hour!

from £309

Up to 12 months

Find paid work in Australia’s amazing Northern Territory and enjoy gorgeous landscapes, buzzing nightlife and incredible culture! Expect to earn a whopping AUD18-35 an hour!

from £259