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Learn to Scuba Dive

Do you want to learn to scuba dive on your gap trip? Scuba diving is an amazing experience, allowing you to explore incredible underwater worlds in some of the planet's most stunning oceans. Learn to dive in Thailand or head to Australia and learn to dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Beginner divers can sign up for one of our learn to dive packages and gain a PADI Open Water qualification abroad. For seasoned scuba divers, Advanced PADI training is also available. Once you can scuba dive, the world really is your oyster!

Our learn to dive programmes include open water dives where you will learn scuba diving skills surrounded by fantastic fish, coral reefs and marine wildlife, or even stay on a liveaboard boat! With your new scuba skills you can join one of our exciting marine conservation and diving programmes, getting out into the oceans and discovering magical marine life in beautiful locations such as Belize, Fiji or South Africa. Learn to scuba dive and open the window to a new marine world!

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Learn to scuba dive

Learn to scuba dive in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular locations to learn to scuba dive, and it’s not hard to see why! Our learn to dive programmes are based on the idyllic Thai island of Koh Tao. This paradise destination offers some of the world’s best scuba diving waters, with colourful marine life and warm, wonderful oceans to explore. You can sign up for our individual learn to dive in Thailand programme, or add in a scuba dive learning experience on our top Thai Adventure tour.

Learn to dive in amazing Australia

Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef is one of the most epic locations to learn to scuba dive! Once you’ve gained those all-important scuba skills, Australia also offers some of the most incredible underwater dive sites. See intricate coral, impressive marine life and crystal-clear waters Down Under.

Scuba dive in fabulous Fiji

Fiji’s picturesque islands are the perfect hop-off spot for keen scuba divers. If you already have a PADI qualification you can even help out with vital marine conservation projects based in Fiji’s gorgeous Yasawa Islands. Have fun and make a difference as you help conserve coral and marine life in Fiji!

Diving and marine conservation in beautiful Belize

Another brilliant destination to get involved in diving and marine conservation is the beautiful Central American country of Belize. Based on an unspoilt island, This diving and marine conservation project in Belize not only offers you the chance to gain your PADI scuba diving qualification but allows you to get involved in incredible marine conservation projects from this picture-perfect spot.

Scuba dive around the world

Your scuba diving adventures don’t need to stop there! Once you have a PADI qualification you can take off and discover the depths wherever you want. See stunning underwater worlds all across the globe. Many of our top tours offer scuba divers the chance to try out their skills. Dive from New Zealand, explore Bali’s seas, dive from the coast of Africa or skim through the ocean around South America.

Have unforgettable scuba diving adventures around the world!

18 to 29 days

Spend up to a month in gorgeous Thailand on this unforgettable group adventure! Be immersed in the rich culture of Bangkok, enjoy a breathtaking elephant experience, explore the serene northern foothills, and party on beautiful white-sand beaches like Koh Phangan and Koh Phi Phi!

from £1,069

10 days or longer

Spend 10 days touring the beautiful island landscapes of the Philippines! Experience authentic island living in seafront tents, and soak up fascinating local culture in isolated villages. Plus - enjoy perfect beaches and gorgeous turquoise waters. An unforgettable experience!

from £859

21 days or longer

Combine our two most popular intro tours and enjoy an incredible introduction to Southeast Asia. Explore party hotspots and beach paradises in Thailand, before jetting across to Bali for surfing, dolphins, and massages!

from £1,389

Up to 12 months

Travel and work on Australia's East Coast on our Big Aussie Adventure. Includes awesome travel along the East Coast from Cairns to Sydney, plus a paid work package so you can earn on average £10 to £15 an hour in Oz – amazing!

from £2,189

16 days or longer

Spend 16 amazing days exploring Australia’s East Coast from Sydney to Cairns. Add in 4 days of activities in Cairns or a 6-day learn to dive package at the Great Barrier Reef!

from £1,729

7 days

Spend 7 days in beautiful Cairns and earn your PADI Open Water certification in the incredible waters of the Great Barrier Reef! 

from £739

6 days

Spend five days swimming through our PADI scuba diving course, mastering your submarine skills in the idyllic waters of Koh Tao Island. Spot gorgeous underwater wildlife and gain a qualificaiton that will let you dive all around the world!

from £479

3 days

Live on board a gorgeous cruise vessel and explore exclusive dive spots in the Outer Great Barrier Reef. See breathtaking underwater architecture and vibrant marine life with up to 11 dives in this spectacular location. Includes two enchanting night dives!

from £539

7-28 days

Go off the beaten track in beautiful Belize. Enjoy a marine conservation and dive adventure and stay on an idyllic island in the Caribbean Sea!

from £919