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Teach / TEFL

What is TEFL? TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' and is a necessary teaching qualification if you want to teach English abroad. Most paid teaching jobs abroad require that you take a TEFL course, usually a 120 hour qualification, which will equip you with all the teaching skills you'll need to teach English as a foreign language to kids in other countries.

TEFL courses can be taught in-country as part of a paid teaching programme, or can be completed online before you travel. Asia is one of the most popular destinations to do paid teaching work, and if you gain your TEFL qualification you can head out to teach in exciting Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Myanmar (Burma) or South Korea. Our paid teaching programmes all include a TEFL course, so you can start paid teaching, earning money and inspiring kids as you explore new countries abroad - amazing!


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Get a TEFL qualification

Gain a TEFL qualification in country

If you choose to do your TEFL in country you can then get paid to teach afterwards. We offer in-country TEFL and paid teaching programmes in Thailand or Myanmar (Burma). Thailand remains one of the most popular gap travel destinations. Our paid teaching programme in Thailand includes an in-country TEFL course and help finding a paid job afterwards. Alternatively, you can just gain your TEFL qualification in Thailand and add this valuable qualification to your CV. Or take your TEFL in Myanmar (Burma) and get a paid teaching job set up before you go. If you want to open doors to paid teaching around the world, a TEFL is a must-have!

Gain a TEFL qualification online

Two of our paid teaching programmes include an online TEFL course, plus a guaranteed teaching job set up before you even leave home. Gaining your TEFL qualification online has its advantages. You can secure your qualification before you travel, work at your own pace and cut down the lead-in time before you can get stuck straight in to teaching abroad. Sign up for our paid teaching programmes in China or South Korea and get your online TEFL (and a paid teaching job) in the bag!

A TEFL qualification is your pass to teach English all around the world – wow!

6 or 12 months or longer

Take 120 hours of TEFL training in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin in Thailand before taking on a paid teaching role in schools across Thailand and earning up to USD1200 per month!

from £1,199

4 weeks

Spend an incredible month in Thailand, training to get a 120-hour TEFL qualification. Stay in the beautiful Thai beach resort of Hua Hin and add new skills to your CV!

from £999

12 months or longer

Aged 21-35? Got a degree? Earn at least USD 20,000 per year as a paid teacher in South Korea, plus a TEFL Course, cultural course, cultural excursion weekends and accommodation included!

from £619

Up to 12 months or longer

Get a paid teaching job guaranteed before you travel to beautiful Burma (Myanmar): Earn up to USD1200 a month, and gain that all-important TEFL qualification too!

from £1,459