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Do you care about the fate of our fragile planet? If so, there's no more worthwhile way of spending your gap year than by getting involved in conservation volunteering. Issues such as climate change, deforestation and poaching are an increasing problem. The world's wonderful wildlife and diversity are under threat and needs your help! By becoming a valuable volunteer abroad, you can get involved with vital conservation projects and make a real difference in the natural world.

Get involved in wildlife projects abroad and help care for amazing animals. Become a marine conservation volunteer and protect coral reefs and marine life. Get involved in wildlife rescue projects and help rehabilitate animals. Help to save sea turtles in stunning coastal destinations. If you care about conservation, we offer an incredible range of rewarding conservation volunteering programmes around the world!



Conservation Tours

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Calling all conservationists!

Do you care about conservation? Become a conservation volunteer and help protect some of the world's amazing environments. Head to South Africa and sign up for our South Africa Wild Adventure, staying on a private game reserve. Take part in vital wildlife conservation and anti-poaching projects or help protect, preserve and restore wild habitats at an Australian conservation project.

Want to protect wildlife?

If you care about the welfare of the world's wildlife, why not volunteer at a wildlife project? Get involved with animal rescue in the Amazon or have an elephant experience in Thailand. Work with wildlife projects in Costa Rica or Australia, or travel to South Africa and volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary or with mischievous monkeys!

Amazing marine conservation

Make a difference around the world as a marine conservation volunteer. The earth's underwater world is under threat. Help save sea turtles in Bali, Costa Rica or Sri Lanka, or save Great White Sharks, whales and other marine wildlife in stunning South Africa!

Change the world for the better as a conservation volunteer!

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