Amazon Wildlife Rescue

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Group Size: Max 16

Trip code: ECAWR

Duration: 2 - 4 weeks

Volunteer with wildlife in the Amazon
Works with a variety of animals
Explore nearby Banos in your free time

Calling all animal lovers! Want to care for wonderful wildlife and have an adventure in the awesome Amazon rainforest? Then don’t miss this must-do wildlife volunteering experience in incredible Ecuador! Make a difference to the quality of life of native rescued wildlife, such as sloths, ocelots, monkeys, exotic birds and many more. Help out with the daily care of animals and the running of the rescue centre and have a unique wildlife experience staying in the amazing Amazon jungle.

Trip highlights

  • Help care for animals at an amazing wildlife rescue centre in the Amazon jungle
  • Experience life off the beaten track in the Amazon rainforest in incredible Ecuador
  • Assist with the day-to-day feeding of the wildlife, including sloths, ocelots, monkeys and birds – a must for any animal lover!
  • Get stuck in assisting with the running and upkeep of the rescue centre and provide a safe, caring living environment for the wildlife
  • Bond with other volunteers as you share this unique experience and enjoy free weekends to explore Ecuador, including the party and adventure town of Banos!
Further trip information

Help care for amazing animals and support the day-to-day running of this rescue centre on this rewarding volunteer adventure in the Amazon.

About the Wildlife Rescue Centre

The wildlife rescue centre is located on the edge of the mighty Amazon rainforest, around 10 minutes drive from the jungle town of Puyo in Ecuador. This vital wildlife rescue centre was set up to rescue animals that have been abandoned or have suffered abuse or neglect. The centre currently houses at least 35 different species of animals, including sloths, ocelots and monkeys and is also home to some wonderful birdlife.

Arrival & Orientation

Arrival day is Saturday and you will be met at Quito airport and taken to your hostel accommodation in the modern, lively Mariscal area of Quito. You will be visited by the local volunteer co-ordinator for an initial orientation. After an inclusive breakfast on Sunday, you will be transferred by private transport directly to the Animal Rescue Centre in the Amazon. The journey takes approximately 5 hours and travels through stunning jungle landscape. Once you arrive at the centre you can settle in to your new jungle home and get ready to meet the wildlife!

Volunteer Duties

Your volunteer duties will include day to day care of the animals, feeding, helping new arrivals adjust, general maintenance of the rescue centre, construction of new enclosures, enriching current enlosures, assisting the vet and gardening, among other duties. The role is not one in which you get hands-on with the wildlife, but you will interact with the animals and birds, help provide a safe and secure environment for them to live and get close to some incredible wildlife during your stay. There will be a regular weekly, Wednesday volunteer meeting.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteers will be expected to work between 8am - 12pm and 2.30pm - 5pm, Monday to Friday. Although your weekends are mainly free time, the animals will still need feeding and caring for, so volunteers will be on a rota to help out for a few hours in the morning but are then free for the rest of the weekend.

Free Time

Your evenings and weekends are free time to relax, apart from a rota of wildlife feeding duties in the mornings. There is a swimming pool at your accommodation and hammocks to relax in. You may wish to bring books, music, DVDs, cards or games with you to pass away your leisure time. The rescue centre is located only 10 minutes drive away from the small jungle town of Puyo, and a taxi can easily be arranged into the town (for a cost of around USD3).

The most popular place for volunteers to spend their free time at the weekends is in the beautiful adventure and party town of Banos, which can be reached from the reserve by a 2-hour public bus journey. Famous for its thermal springs, Banos has it all, from awesome adventure activities such as go-karting, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding and hiking to brilliant bars and nightlife, making this the ideal fun, party spot to spend your weekends off!

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