The Team

The people at any organization are the most important thing. Gap 360 staff are smart young graduates (apart from the MD!) who are efficient, intelligent, and well travelled. Most of all they are nice people!

Jon Hodson - Senior Travel Advisor

John Hodson

Jon has travelled far and wide, from Thailand and Vietnam, to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, also the USA and New Zealand, as well as a large chunk of Europe. Highlights include running the famous Rocky Steps in Philadelphia, climbing Mt Doom in New Zealand and beautiful Halong Bay in Vietnam, oh and plenty of good nights out! Always looking for a new adventure and definitely always ready to plan yours, Jon will help create the perfect trip for you.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • New Zealand - Adrenaline and adventure
  • Thailand - Full Moon Party
  • Italy - Pizza and wine, no more needs to be said

Charlie Burch - Senior Travel Advisor

Charlie Burch

Charlie got the travel bug nearly 10 years ago by coaching football in the USA, he then went to University in Portsmouth and got a degree in Sports Development and has worked in travel ever since! He's the most travelled person in the office, with a current list of around 50 countries and planning on adding to the list this year with a trip to Sri Lanka. Charlie genuinely loves chatting and helping people arrange their travels so give him a call!

Matt Latimer - Travel Sales Representative

Matt Latimer

Matt graduated from University of Roehampton with a BA Hons in Classical Civilisation. A keen surfer, you can find him down by a beach when he's not at work, or in the kitchen trying to make more wine. Matt has travelled to Asia, South America and Europe, and is always happy to try something new. As our Travel Sales Representative, Matt visits schools to present the amazing Gap 360 trips to everyone.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • China - Tobogganing down the Great Wall of China
  • Peru - Climbing the Andes and visiting Machu Picchu
  • Thailand - Celebrating Thai New Year

Caroline Jones - Senior Travel Co-ordinator

Caroline Jones

Since graduating from Warwick University with a BA Hons in Film and Television and a National Dodgeball Champion trophy, Caroline spent a year travelling and working around Australia. Recent adventures have included dancing away at a music festival in Croatia, chasing the northern lights in Iceland and watching fireworks at New Year in Dam Square.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Croatia - Boat trip to Hvar Island, Crystal clear waters, yummy fruit juices
  • Melbourne - Melbourne was my home from home
  • Iceland - Relaxing in the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa with a face mask and glass of bubbly!

Rhianna Duncan - Travel Co-ordinator

Rhianna Duncan

Rhianna recently graduated from the University of Kent in a degree in Business Administration. Rhianna is our European expert having skiied and sailed in stunning locations in the Mediterranean and mountains! As a intrepid city breaker Rhianna spends her holidays exploring the culture and cuisines of cities such as Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rome and Paris! Rhianna is part of our operations team and she looks after our customers travel arrangements before they head off on our adventures.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Italy - Roman history, good food and good wine :)
  • Denmark - Copenhagen, Tivoli gardens, christmas markets, beer tasting
  • Spain - Sunshine, beaches, paella

Daisy Hutchinson - Travel Co-ordinator

Diasy Hutchinson

Daisy has been travelling the world since she was 18 years old. She travelled solo around Asia and Australia and has explored Europe and parts of the USA, including New York, Miami and Orlando. Daisy has had some incredible experiences around the globe, including scuba diving, surfing, island hopping, and she has even survived the legendary Thai Full Moon Party! Daisy is part of the Gap 360 operations team and helps our travellers after they have booked their trips.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Australia - Sleeping on a sailing boat in the Whitsundays
  • Thailand - A month in a beautiful elephant sanctuary
  • Sri Lanka - Seeing the stilt fishermen and whale spotting

Sophie Cummins - Assistant Operations Manager

Sophie Cummins

Since graduating from Cardiff University with a BA Hons in English Language, Sophie has spent two years travelling and working in Australia. Highlights of her trip included skydiving at Mission Beach and doing the 88 days of rural work! When she wasn't in the outback mustering sheep, skinning animals and making sausages she was at a rooftop bar sipping Mojitos in the sun. She has also travelled to South East Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand, USA and many parts of Europe.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Bali - Scuba diving, Gili Islands and Balinese massages
  • Italy - Snowboarding in the Alps
  • Australia - The best brunch and coffee!

Katie Penberthy - Product & Operations Manager

Katie Penberthy

Katie is an International Development graduate who has spent her gap year living in Vietnam and teaching English. She loved Vietnam so much she can't stop going back! She has travelled through most of Asia as well as visiting Africa, the Americas and Australasia. Her best bits were driving a campervan up the East Coast of Australia and swimming in the Ganges in India. Katie looks after Gap 360 Product and Operations.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Israel - The Old City of Jerusalem
  • Vietnam - The food
  • Myanmar - Beautiful scenery

Emily Barnes - Marketing Co-ordinator

Emily Barnes

Emily graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA Hons in Fashion Marketing and Branding. When she's not at work you can find her shopping for the latest trends and researching the new beauty industry launches. When travelling abroad if she's not on the beach she will be exploring the local and cultural fashions.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Bali - Learning to surf
  • New York - Amazing shopping!
  • Colombia - Trekking through the jungle to The Lost City

Jane Mclellan - Operations and Sales Director

Jane Mclellan

Jane has taken multiple gap trips and written about her experiences. She has worked in the gap travel industry since 2003. She has visited just about all the destinations where we offer trips and knows the people that run the projects, tours and accommodations personally. Jane is responsible for making sure that all the little details of your trip are taken care of and that the information you are provided with is correct.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Bolivia - 4WD 3 day adventure around the Salt Flats
  • Australia - Camping Adventure in the outback
  • South Africa - Safari's in Kruger National Park

Tom Rochard-Pullen - Web Developer

Tom Rochard-Pullen

Tom has travelled all over Europe, including the Scandinavian regions. His trip highlights are racing snow mobiles and dog sleds across the arctic circle in Finland as well as watching the northern lights from a hot spring in Iceland. In the office he works on the website, helping to develop it with new features and maintaining the current ones to keep it running smoothly.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Iceland - frozen waterfalls and strange food
  • Finland - Driving a snow mobile across the arctic circle
  • Germany - Christmas Celebrations

Nick Corden - Web Developer

Nick Corden

During his BSc Hons Games Design degree, Nick spent a semester studying in Melbourne Australia. After his studies there he travelled up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns, seeing Sydney, The Gold Coast, and stops in-between. Then he hopped across to New Zealand and spent time backpacking down under.

Felix Penrose - Senior Web Developer

Felix Penrose

Felix is a bit of a thrill seeker, having jumped out a plane from 12,000 ft, jumped off a 200 ft platform with nothing but elastic strapped to his ankles and gone downhill biking in the French alps. He's also a passionate skier, always itching to go on that next holiday in the snow and rush down the mountain! He sorts out the website, bringing new features and maintaining current ones to give you the best online experience possible.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Canada - Incredible skiing
  • Singapore - Driving the Singapore F1 track
  • Malta - Crystal clear lagoons

Alex Dovey Roche - Web Developer


After graduating University, Alex spent his gap year touring every inch of New Zealand and the east coast of Australia in a tiny campervan with his girlfriend (now wife). Since then, Alex's mission has been to visit at least one new country each year. Currently he's been to 18 different countries with the highlights being Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and Iceland. He's also a huge motorsports fan, combining racing with trips to Belgium and Austria to watch the races.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Iceland - Chasing the northern lights
  • New Zealand - Tubing in the underwater caves
  • Norway - Just anywhere near the Fjords

James Jeremy - Technical Director

James Jeremy

James runs the office systems, computers, websites and anything technical. He is a whiz at getting things to work and even re-wired the entire Gap 360 office. he has also travelled to many places including Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.. James has 10 years experience in gap travel.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Cambodia - Dirt bike riding through temples
  • Thailand - Riding around the islands
  • Wales - Best dirt biking anywhere ;)

Chris (aka The Maverick) - Product Marketing Manager

Chris Forrest

Chris has been described in the office as an enigma, a prodigy, and a legend...although mostly by himself. With the body of a norse god and the humour of road crossing poultry, when not exaggerating about himself he looks after marketing the product we sell, as well as working with other areas of the business. Named after the patron saint of travellers you know you are in good hands with him. Chris has travelled to Asia, North America, Australasia, and Europe.

  • Favourite Destinations
  • Belgium - The frites, beer, chocolate, breakfast, McFlurry's (seriously), and bread
  • Australia - Kayaking down the coast, and rock climbing in the outback
  • USA - Road tripping the mountains, lakes and forests of the north eastern states

David Stitt - Managing Director

David Stitt

David founded a company which grew to become the UK's largest gap year provider. He sold the company in 2008 and started a new career in playing golf, doing the school runs and food shopping. Now David does the sort of things MD's do. (we don't really know what it is, but he is good at it).

  • Favourite Destinations
  • USA - Living the dream in USA
  • South Africa - Amazing roads and great wine
  • Caribbean - Great to go there in UK winter