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Kayaking in the philippines

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A gap year is a time to push your boundaries, set off on new and exciting adventures and experience a range of amazing activities. Whether you want to set your adrenaline pumping with adventure travel, live it up in party hotspots around the world, find paid work, volunteer or discover diverse destinations on group tours, the gap year activities you choose will shape your gap year experience and create unforgettable memories for the future.

You could spice up your CV with some paid work, get career kudos with an incredible internship or become a trusted teacher and pass on your passion to pupils across the world. Want to make a difference on your gap year? Share your skills by volunteering abroad and make your gap year both remarkable and rewarding. Join a group tour and make new friends as you see the best bits of your chosen country. Choose from a short gap trip or a longer gap adventure and don't miss any of your favourite activities!

Whatever activities you want to do on your gap year there are loads of fantastic destinations and activities to choose from. Take the plunge, head off around the world and pack as many awesome activities into your gap year as you can for the ultimate gap year adventure!

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