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Want to get work experience around the world? Be inspired on an amazing internship abroad! Getting involved on an internship on your gap year is an amazing way to gain new experience and spice up your CV at the same time. It's also a chance to challenge yourself and get immersed in the authentic atmosphere of your chosen destination. We offer a wide range of amazing, unpaid internship opportunities abroad.

Choose from professional internships in Australia and New Zealand. Sign up for medical internships in Thailand or Africa. Enjoy a unique wilderness internship in Canada's great outdoors. Sign up to become a school gap assistant in Australia. Try out a pre-veterinary internship in South Africa. Or get involved with marine conservation on an internship in beautiful Belize. Whatever work experience you want on your gap year, there's an ideal internship opportunity waiting for you around the world!

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Enjoy an internship abroad

What is an internship?

An internship is an opportunity to gain work experience abroad in a specific field. An internship can add skills to your CV and set you on the right road to a successful future career. Internships are voluntary and usually unpaid positions. They are designed to give you first-hand experience in your chosen industry.

Get work experience around the world

Becoming an intern on your gap year is the ideal way to get valuable work experience. Having an internship on your CV can help you land your dream job or university course. It can open new doors and pave the way towards a career. An internship is the best way to learn new skills, improve your knowledge and get practical, hands-on experience in your preferred field of work. It's also an incredible way to see the world!

Professional internships abroad

Are you looking for work experience in a specific professional area? Why not sign up for an internship in Australia? Or join a city internship in Canada? Or seek out new skills and experience on a professional internship in New Zealand? At Gap 360 we offer awesome internships across a wide range of professions. Find your ideal internship in industries from accounting to law, media to journalism, advertising to IT, sports to medical and much more!

Internships in the great outdoors

Do you want to spend your time abroad surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors? Choose an internship that allows you to get involved with conservation. Head to the beautiful islands of Central America and make a difference with diving and marine conservation in Belize. Or be awed by Canada's great outdoors on a unique Canadian wilderness internship.

Medical internships abroad

Do you have medical, nursing or healthcare experience? Do you want to help out with medical work on your gap year? Sign up for a medical internship and gain experience in the medical field. Make a difference to rural communities on a Thailand medical internship. Or put your medical skills to good use on a medical internship in Ghana. If you want pre-veterinary experience working with wildlife, sign up for our South African pre-vet programme and help with animal welfare abroad.

School gap assistants

If you want to gain teaching experience on internship in Australia, become a gap assistant in an Australian school. Add teaching skills to your CV on this unique internship opportunity! Get the chance to assist with teaching, sports coaching, general welfare and support at an Aussie boarding school. This internship even pays you a small weekly allowance!

Immerse yourself in an internship abroad and travel, work and see the world!

4-8 weeks

Become a volunteer at an amazing Wildlife Park in Australia for a chance to get up close to wonderful wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies and koalas!

from £1,829

2 or 4 weeks

Boost your CV with some amazing animal welfare experience, and work with wildlife, livestock and domestic animals at game reserves, farms and rural villages in South Africa!

from £1,759

4-8 weeks

Get some unbeatable hands on experience in beautiful Malawi! Work with rural communities and help raise awareness about health issues and provide treatment and support for local people.

from £1,079

6 or 11 months

Become a ‘gappie’ assistant in an Australian boarding school. Spend 6 months or more gaining amazing work experience abroad and discover Australia at the same time! You could expect to earn between AUD75 to AUD200 a week PLUS enjoy all-inclusive accomodation and meals during term time! 

from £1,459

4-12 weeks

Challenge yourself and discover new cultures, gorgeous landscapes and amazing people on this medical internship opportunity of a lifetime!

from £979

2-8 weeks

Are you a medical student or professional looking for a medical internship abroad? Become a healthcare volunteer on this amazing internship and explore rural Thailand!

from £749

7-28 days

Go off the beaten track in beautiful Belize. Enjoy a marine conservation and dive adventure and stay on an idyllic island in the Caribbean Sea!

from £919