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Feel like you were born to backpack but have grown out of bumming around on a budget?  Want to fly off to far-flung destinations but without the hostel hassle?  If you fancy a gap year that is full of fun, flexible travel but which is a cut above the cheap and cheerful then flashpacking may be the answer!  

Fancy flashpacking

If you’ve graduated from backpacking and feel a little bit past sharing a room with six sweaty strangers in Asia, then flashpacking is the only way to travel!  If you want to see the world without slumming it, can afford a bigger budget, and would like to ditch the beaten up backpack for a smart suitcase, then you are already a flashpacker at heart!  If comfort wins out over ‘character’ and you want a little bit of spoiling, sling your sleeping bag away and splash out on a smarter, stylish place to sleep at night.  Invest in a round the world trip and style your gap year to suit you.  

Luxe floating bungalows in thailand with scenic view

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Fun flashpacking  

Flashpacking is a top way to travel for any techno-traveller wanting a gap year trip.  Flashpackers are truly global gap year travellers and they take the technology with them to prove it.  If you can’t bear the thought of leaving home without your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and digital camera then you’re probably a secret flashpacker.  If you set off around the world on a flashpacking gap year, chances are you’ll be blogging your best bits, skyping your top sights, tweeting your top tips and Facebooking your favourite destinations.  Never more than a whisper away from the nearest Wi-Fi spot, flashpackers will fill you in on every step of their gap year adventure. 

Flexible flashpacking 

Flashpackers are every bit as adventurous as their backpacking buddies, with a flexible itinerary that lets you jet off at a moment’s notice and act on impulse.  Rather than getting bogged down in bus rides through Bangkok or Bali, you can fly off at the drop of a hat and flashpack your way to your next dream destination.  If you’ve got itchy feet but want smart shoes, not scuffed sandals then flashpacking is the way to follow your favourite gap year routes.

Fearless flashpacking

Flashpacking is the new trend in travel and a fun and flexible way to tour the world.  Find your inner flashpacker, be fearless and fly off on a gap year for the flash way to see the world!  

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