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Imagine travelling to some of the most amazing places on Earth with your partner, and making new friends at the same time! You’ll have all the fun of exploring as a couple, while sharing laughs, chats and adventures with a group of like-minded people.

Maybe you’re a beach bum and your partner is an adrenaline junky? Or they’re into culture but you’d rather hit the shops? If you and your partner have slightly different interests, group travel is the ideal choice. Our flexible programmes mean that you can tailor your trip to your own unique preferences, and the group format means there’s always somebody around who’s into the same stuff as you.

Our tours also have a great balance of organised activities and free time, so you can mix it up with time to yourselves and time with the group.

There’s no need to take shared accommodation either. For most of our trips you can request your own room for the duration. Travel for two, within a group - it’s the best of both worlds!

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Flexible date change! Thai Intro Plus

Thai Intro Plus

13 days from £1,249