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Gap 360's recognised industry experts are happy to speak to you about all matters relating to gap year travel. We are also happy to provide insightful articles or attend workshops and debates in person.

Jane Mclellan

Jane Mclellan, Director of Sales & Operations

Jane has travelled to over 30 countries worldwide. She has taken 2 gap years and several 'short gap' trips. She has worked and lived in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and 'been there and done that' in virtually all of the destinations typically visited by gap year travellers.

From 2003 - 2010 Jane was Operations Manager and a member of the senior management team at the UK's largest gap year provider. She has given helpful advice to many thousands of gap travellers as well as helping them book their overseas travel arrangements.

Jane is available for interviews, whether by phone, online or in person, on a wide range of gap year subjects.

David Stitt

David Stitt, Managing Director

David founded and managed the UK's largest gap year organisation from 2003-2009. Before that he owned and operated tour operations in both the USA and the UK. David went off travelling before they were known as gap years, and then bagged a job in the 70's driving trucks from London to Kathmandu, through Iran, Afghanisatan and Pakistan.

David is an authority on gap year travel and can be reached to discuss pretty much any gap year subject you can think of, either by email, phone or in person.

The Gap 360 story: It's all about Going Travelling...

The people running Gap 360 came together, each bringing different skills, lots of industry knowledge and a huge amount of travelling experience.

Gap 360 offers trips in over 50 countries across all continents. Currently we offer more than 200 different activity programmes in total, including paid work, adrenaline activities, tours, adventure and party travel, learning experiences, volunteering and much more.

Our ethos is to treat people fairly, while offering them a brilliant experience at a reasonable price. See more details about our approach on our 'Why Choose us' page

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