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Paid teaching abroad

Want to take up a paid teaching challenge abroad? Want to earn money in a teaching role? If you are a degree holder aged 21-45 then you are eligible to apply for a paid teaching job abroad. If you are a non-degree holder aged 21-45 you may be eligible to apply for our Paid Teaching in Thailand programme.

Choose from one of our exciting paid teaching packages in Asia. Gain a coveted TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification. Get incredible teaching experience abroad, inspire kids as a teacher and live and work in amazing countries. Get set up for the perfect teaching adventure in Asia! 

Becoming a teacher is a rewarding role. As a teacher you'll connect with kids and help with their education on a life-changing trip. Our most popular paid teaching and travel destination is Thailand. There are also brilliant paid teaching job opportunities on offer in China, South Korea and Myanmar (Burma). Enjoy a cultural immersion in any of these incredible Asian countries. Earn an average USD1200 per month and add teaching skills to your CV. It's time to head off on a paid teaching gap year!

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Paid teaching abroad

Paid teaching in Thailand

Thailand is still the top destination for travellers seeking a paid teaching job abroad. Enjoy a 120-hour TEFL training course in the beautiful Thai beach resort of Hua Hin. Land your perfect paid teaching job in Thailand, earning up to USD1200 per month! Make a difference to kids' education as a teacher in Thai schools. 

Paid teaching in South Korea

South Korea is an excellent destination in which to find paid teaching work abroad. A teaching job in South Korea offers the highest wages for teachers in Asia. Get a paid teaching job in South Korea secured before you leave home. Complete an online TEFL course and then earn at least USD20,000 per year - wow!

Paid teaching in China

If you are a graduate aged 24-35 then you can apply for a paid teaching job in China. Take an online TEFL course and get a job set up before you go. And then head out to China and make a difference as a mentor and teacher to children.

Paid teaching in Myanmar

Discover unspoilt Myanmar (Burma) and head off the beaten track in Asia. This is a paid teaching programme with a difference! Get a teaching job secured in Burma before you travel. Enjoy a 3-week TEFL training course in-country before your paid teaching job in Myanmar begins. Earn up to USD1200 per month and explore this authentic part of Asia!

Gain amazing teaching experience abroad and earn money in a paid teaching job!

Up to 24 months

Experience the best of Canada as you work and wander around the country for up to two years on an epic travel adventure!

from £359.00

6 or 12 months

Take 120 hours of TEFL training in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin in Thailand before taking on a paid teaching role in schools across Thailand and earning up to USD1200 per month!

from £1,199.00

6 or 11 months

Become a ‘gappie’ assistant in an Australian boarding school. Spend 6 months or more gaining amazing work experience abroad and discover Australia at the same time! You could expect to earn between AUD75 to AUD200 a week PLUS enjoy all-inclusive accomodation and meals during term time! 

from £1,399.00

12 months

Aged 24-35? Got a degree? Earn money with a paid teaching job in China! Gain a 120-hour online TEFL qualification then spend 1 year as a paid teacher in China, typically earning between £615 to £870 a month!

from £599.00

4 weeks

Spend an incredible month in Thailand, training to get a 120-hour TEFL qualification. Stay in the beautiful Thai beach resort of Hua Hin and add new skills to your CV!

from £999.00

12 months

Aged 21-35? Got a degree? Earn at least USD 20,000 per year as a paid teacher in South Korea, plus a TEFL Course, cultural course, cultural excursion weekends and accommodation included!

from £599.00

Up to 12 months

Get a paid teaching job guaranteed before you travel to beautiful Burma (Myanmar): Earn up to USD1200 a month, and gain that all-important TEFL qualification too!

from £1,429.00