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Skilled Labour Jobs Abroad

Are you looking for a skilled labour job abroad? Are you a qualified carpenter, electrician or plumber? Or do you have experience as a construction worker, general labourer or engineer? If so, there are amazing paid work opportunities on offer around the world. Skilled labourers can land incredible, hands-on work experience and earn great money abroad!

Australia and New Zealand are the top two destinations for travellers searching for a skilled labour job. Skilled trades are in high demand in these countries. If you have carpentry, plumbing or electrician qualifications, have experience in engineering or construction, or have other skills such as plastering, your skills will be highly sought after! Travel on a Working Holiday Visa, available to 18-30 year olds. Sign up for a jobs package and get searching for a skilled job in the sun!

Paid skilled labour jobs

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Skilled labour jobs in Australia

Australia is the most popular place for travellers looking for paid work abroad. Our Absolute Oz Jobs package in Australia includes one week of fun and adventures in Sydney. You also have access to a jobs database which advertises hundreds of job opportunities across Australia, including many skilled labour jobs.

Carpentry jobs in Australia

If you are a qualified carpenter, check out our Carpentry Jobs in Australia programme. This programme is designed to find skilled carpenters paid work in Oz. Head on over to sunny Sydney for a carpentry job trial. Work as a carpenter in Australia for up to six months with this specialist carpentry jobs package.

Ranch jobs in Australia

Our Ranch Jobs in Australia programme is great for skilled labourers. Australian ranches are always on the lookout for those with experience in the manual/skilled trades. Get a guaranteed job on an Aussie ranch in the outback and put your skills to good use abroad!

Skilled labour jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand is another exciting destination for those looking for skilled labour jobs. Earn money and explore incredible New Zealand with our excellent Absolute NZ Jobs package!

Find you perfect skilled labour job abroad and use your skills to earn money around the world!

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