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Group Size: Max 24

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Duration: Up to 12 months

Learn how to work on a ranch or farm
12 months of job support
Guaranteed job after training

Aged 18-30? Take advantage of the Working Holiday Visa and head Down Under to get a guaranteed paid job for a year on an Aussie ranch! This 9-day package is designed to give you all the ranch training you’ll need to begin paid work on an Aussie ranch. Kick off with 4 nights of relaxation and sunshine in the beautiful beach resort of Noosa, gateway to famous Fraser Island, followed by a 5-day comprehensive ranch training course, where you will learn all the techniques and skills necessary to begin your guaranteed paid ranch job - Amazing!

Please note: You must hold a manual driving license to participate in this programme. 

Trip highlights

  • Kick start your Aussie experience with 4 nights in Noosa, gateway to fabulous Fraser Island
  • Learn the ropes of ranch work for 5 fantastic days on our outback training adventure
  • Lasso yourself a guaranteed ranch job in no time: We’ll work to secure you the perfect outback placement through our 12 month job support programme
  • With accommodation and meals included in most ranch job placements it's the ideal way to save money for some Aussie travels and adventures
  • Ranch work is one of the few ways you can secure a second Working Holiday Visa and extend your time in Oz - awesome!
Further trip information

Take advantage of the 18-30 Working Holiday Visa in Australia and head Down Under for a ranch job experience in Oz! This exciting 9-day package of beach relaxation and ranch work training is the kick-start you’ll need to work your way across the outback as a ranch hand. You’ll get a guaranteed paid ranch job at the end of your training – awesome!

Day 1, Thursday: Arrive at Brisbane International Airport

Arrive into Brisbane Airport (BNE) in the morning (please aim to arrive between 6.30am and 8.30am if possible). You’ll be met by a representative and taken on a 2-hour inclusive transfer to the beautiful beach resort of Noosa on the Queensland coast.  

Day 2, Friday: Welcome and Pre-Training Briefing in Noosa

After spending your first night in your amazing Noosa hostel you’ll join a welcome meeting today, where you will be given a pre-ranch-training briefing. The rest of the day is yours to relax, soak up the sun and laze on Noosa’s sandy beaches – bliss!

Day 3-4, Saturday/Sunday: Relax in Noosa

Spend another 2 days enjoying the idyllic beaches, awesome activities and great nightlife in Noosa. This is the ideal introduction to the Aussie lifestyle and the perfect way to settle in to Oz, relax, recharge and get set for your ranch training. Your brilliant hostel is located only 2 minutes from the beach and is surrounded by rainforest. Not only can you swim, surf, or try watersports here, Noosa is also the gateway to the famous and fun World Heritage listed site of Fraser Island. Please note: All optional activities in Noosa are at an additional cost.

Once you’ve enjoyed some downtime in Noosa it’s time to strap on your cowboy boots and get ready to start your ranch training!

Day 5, Monday – Day 9, Friday: Ranch Training

For the next five nights you’ll be staying at your training ranch placement, learning the ropes down on the farm. On Monday morning you’ll be transferred from Noosa to the ranch ready to start your training. Once you arrive at the training ranch you will sort out practicalities and paperwork, including bank accounts and Medicare. Please note that you will need to apply for Medicare once you are in Australia and in order to do this please ensure that you can provide TWO forms of ID e.g. passport, driving licence, birth certificate. Your interests, plans and the kind of work you’re looking for will also be noted down to help you along your way. You can shop for any essentials at the on-site ranch shop.

On your five-day introduction into rural ranch life, you’ll be taught all the basics of farm and outback safety. Training activities include:

  • Surveying and maintaining fence perimeters
  • Getting your cowboy skills up to speed looking after cattle, performing routine tasks such as injecting, driving, and mustering
  • Learning the reins of basic horsemanship
  • Riding agricultural motorbikes for adrenaline-fuelled action down on the farm!
  • Learning to drive tractors
  • Learning all about necessary maintenance and operation of agricultural machinery such as ploughs and seeders

Please note: You will need to hold a manual driving licence in order to take part in this ranch jobs programme.

Day 10, Saturday: Depart the Training Ranch and Travel to Your Job Placement

By your last morning you’ll be fully prepared to leave for the job of your choice, so you can go straight out and get working, or head off round the country on your travels, whatever suits you! In some instances you may be ready to leave the training ranch and travel to your job placement immediately after the end of training on Friday, but this will depend on your individual job placement.

Examples of Ranch Jobs Available in Australia

Once you have completed training we will find you a guaranteed farm or ranch job, plus 12 months of job support. Common ranch positions include:

  • Tractor work and farming
  • Driving
  • Sheep and cattle station work
  • Horsemanship work
  • Teaching in the outback
  • Hospitality

What You Can Expect To Earn

Most job offers include accommodation and meals as part of the deal so you can soon save some money for Aussie adventures! Depending on the job, the location, your skills, expertise and dedication, wages can vary though, with minimum wage at AUD350 a week. In most positions, you’ll start out on a basic wage, which may increase as your skills progress.

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