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Au Pair

Become an Au Pair abroad and gain amazing childcare experience in the USA or Australia! If you're looking to kick-start a future career working with kids, becoming an Au Pair is the ideal work opportunity abroad. Au Pairs get a paid allowance to live and work with a host family. You'll experience an authentic lifestyle in a family home. Head off for an Au Pair adventure, earn money and gain great childcare experience abroad!

As an Au Pair you'll be providing childcare and support to your host family. You'll get to know the parents and help provide childcare for the kids. Your own room in the family home and all meals are included, plus you'll earn a great allowance as an Au Pair. Spend a year as an Au Pair in the USA or head to Australia for 6, 9 or 12 months' Au Pair experience. Immerse yourself in the American or Australian way of life as an Au Pair and live the dream abroad!

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Become an Au Pair abroad

Childcare experience for your CV

Do you want to gain great childcare experience for your CV? Becoming an Au Pair is one of the best ways to add to your childcare skills. If you are interested in pursuing a career in teaching or childcare, then an Au Pair placement is the ideal way of proving your childcare credentials. Even if you don't want to work in childcare in the future, any employer will be impressed with the commitment and skills it takes to complete an Au Pair placement.

Au Pair in the USA

Are you aged between 18-26? Do you have 200 or more hours of previous childcare experience and a driving licence? Then you fit the main eligibility criteria to work as an Au Pair in the USA! Our Au Pair programme provides a comprehensive checklist so you can easily check your eligibility. Then you can begin the application process to become an Au Pair in the USA! All Au Pairs will enjoy 3 days of orientation and training in the Big Apple, New York! 

Au Pair in Australia

Aged 18-30? Become an Au Pair Down Under and spend 6, 9 or 12 months living with a host family in a paid childcare role in Australia. If you have previous childcare experience and hold a UK driving license then you could be the perfect fit for an Aussie Au Pair position. Earn a weekly allowance, add childcare skills to your CV and have an authentic experience living and working in Australia. You can even add in time to travel and explore Australia after your Au Pair placement ends! Take a look at our Absolute Oz Jobs programme for more information about living and working in Australia!

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Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Expect to earn £10 to £15 an hour with paid work in Oz! Start with 8 days of fun in Sydney plus 12 months of expert job offers, advice and support - awesome!

from £599

12 months

Work as an Au Pair in the USA for a year. Earn over USD10,000 and gain amazing childcare experience abroad. Flights, accommodation, meals and insurance included, plus a 3-night orientation in New York!

from £449