Jordan Adventure

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Group Size: Max. 40

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Duration: 8 or 10 days

Guide and activities included
Explore the lost city of Petra
Add on a 2 day adventure in Israel

Ready for a jaw-dropping adventure to Jordan? Wander across the sands of the Wadi Rum in Jordan, take some snaps for your Instagram at the Greco-Roman ruins of Jerash, explore the striking ancient city of Petra and take a dip in the Dead Sea. Want more adventure? Venture onwards to Israel, stroll through the famous city of spiritual Jerusalem, see the religious wonders of Bethlehem and dance the night away in Tel Aviv, with an extra 2 days of adventure!

Israel add-on

Fancy staying longer and experiencing Israel for an extra 2 days? With the 10 day option, you can!

Trip highlights

  • Sleep beneath the desert stars at a Bedouin camp
  • See the spectacular Treasury in Petra
  • Float in the Dead Sea - the lowest point on earth
  • Snorkel in the Red Sea in Aqaba
  • Choose the 10 day option to discover Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tel Aviv
Further trip information

Day 1: Amman. Arrive in one of the oldest cities in the entire world before meeting your group and trip leader for a welcome meeting. Then grab a plate of the best falafel in the city before exploring the streets of Amman.

Day 2: Amman to Petra. Step back in time as you head to Madaba, home of an ancient holy map of the region. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Promised Land from the top of Mt Nebo, stroll around an epic Crusader castle in Karak and head to the rugged canyons and mountains to see the jaw-dropping Lost City.

Day 3: Petra. Explore the lost city of Petra today, made famous by Indiana Jones! Be amazed by the incredible façade carved from the surrounding 80m high sandstone walls, as you discover the stunning Treasury, walking through the narrow gorge entrance to the city, known as the Siq.

Day 4: Wadi Rum. Journey across the desert on camelback. Then arrive at a Bedouin camp to admire the sunset and see the cliffs glisten with 50 shades of red. Slip into your sleeping bag and watch the stars twinkle above you in the night’s sky.

Day 5: Aqaba. See Jordan’s only coastal city, founded around 4,000 BC! Grab a wetsuit and go snorkelling beneath the surface of the beautiful Red Sea, or choose to go on a fantastic glass bottom boat ride. 

Day 6: Dead Sea. Venture away to one of the world’s oldest health resorts - at an astonishing 427m below sea level! Float around in the Dead Sea before journeying your way back to amazing Amman to see more historical sites and ancient ruins.

Day 7: Jerash. Dive into Jordan's history today, as you see magnificent Roman ruins in Jerash. Spot a hippodrome that was used for chariot racing before soaking up the sights of the area. Then head back to Amman and explore Jordan's capital on a wonderful tour.

Day 8: Amman to Jerusalem. Say goodbye to your adventures if you are on the 8 day trip today and pack up your bags as you fly home. Or continue on to the holy city of Jerusalem if you are on the 10 day trip for more excitement ahead. 

Day 9: Tel Aviv via Bethlehem. Jump into beautiful Bethlehem, in the Palestinian Territories, before journeying to Tel Aviv. Sunbathe on the sandy beach before relaxing at the seaport of Old Jaffa. Then explore one of the best party cities in the entire world after a delicious meal with your group.

Day 10: Tel Aviv. Sample the locally famous hummus before taking one last look at the bohemian scenery of Floretin as you pack your bags and fly back home. What an adventure it’s been!

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