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Paid Teaching in Thailand

Take a TEFL course then earn $1200 a month!

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Paid Teaching in Thailand

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Group Size: Avg 15-40 

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Duration: From 6 months or more

Live and work abroad!
Make a difference to children's lives!
Explore Thailand in your free time

Want to travel to Thailand, gain teaching skills, earn an accredited TEFL qualification, and make good money in an English teaching role? Well now you can! On this 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course based in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin, you’ll gain all the skills and qualifications you’ll need to teach English to students of any age abroad. This programme is unique as it also offers a whole week of exciting cultural immersion, where you can discover all about Thai culture, see the sights, learn a little of the Thai language and have fun trying Thai cooking or visiting temples! With a further 120 hours of expert TEFL training you will then be given assistance to apply for an exciting teaching role anywhere in Thailand. Once you've landed a paid teaching position you can expect to earn up to USD 1000 per month - Amazing!

Trip Highlights

  • Gain a 120-hour TEFL qualification, accredited by Accreditate and a recognised TQUK centre.
  • Get a paid teaching job in Thailand after training and earn up to USD1000 per month in a teaching placement
  • Gain practical classroom experience and study at our beach front training centre with views of the sea in beautiful, laid-back Hua Hin!
  • Meet like-minded mates and bond with teaching buddies as you train
  • Make a real difference to the lives of Thai kids as a school teacher, plus volunteer for 2 days teaching at a kids camp during your TEFL training
  • Get expert assistance finding a fantastic teaching placement and then gain amazing teaching experience teaching in a Thai school - plus the chance to explore Thailand in the school holidays!
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  • Airport Pickup (If you land within four days of programme start date)
  • Transfer to Hua Hin from Bangkok
  • 120-hour university-accredited TEFL/TESOL Course
  • Accommodation during TEFL course
  • Thai language lessons
  • Cultural awareness course
  • Muay Thai Boxing class
  • Mediatation experience at local Buddhist temple
  • Volunteer at dog rescue centre
  • Thai market and cooking experience
  • Beach BBQ
  • Assistance finding accommodation
  • Comprehensive job placement assistance
  • Earn up to USD1200 per month
  • Full background check on school
  • Contract negotiation
  • Visa support
  • Thai SIM card (excluding Blackberry services)
  • Starter Pack: Documentation & assistance in opening a bank account and getting accident insurance. Information and free T-shirt.  Fees associated with ATM cards and insurance are not included.
  • Continuing support
  • 24 hour emergency support

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • DBS (around £65)
  • Meals
  • Accommodation in Bangkok (this will be reserved for you but you will have to pay upon arrival. The hotel we use is approximately £25 per night).
  • Accommodation after the course has finished (Average accommodation costs are approximately £115 per month, so your wages will cover this).
  • Work permit (approx. USD200)

Gain a coveted accredited TEFL qualification and get paid up to USD1000 per month to teach in amazing Thailand on this incredible Asian paid teaching programme!

TEFL Course

Located in the lush beach resort of Hua Hin, this is a TEFL course with a difference. The course is monitored and accredited by Accreditat and a recognised TQUK centre!

The course begins with a one-week cultural immersion experience with an ongoing cross-cultural flavour so you get to know the real Thailand. Then your 120-hour teaching course will begin. Age groups can range from kindergarten to high school. 

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate. Having completed this accredited course you will be highly sought after by Thai schools.

TEFL Training itinerary

The 120 hour TEFL training part of the programme takes place after a week cultural orientation and last for 3 weeks.

You will be met at Bangkok airport by a programme representative and transferred to Hua Hin. You will spend one day settling in to your accommodation, setting up a bank account, organising your transport and sorting out other practicalities.

The following day your four-week TEFL course will begin:

Week 1: Cultural Introduction to Thailand, including language lessons, cultural excursions, getting to know Hua Hin and experiencing authentic Thai culture and temple visits.

Week 2: Lesson planning and basic grammar introduction.

Week 3: Honing your skills and detailed lesson planning.

Week 4: Completion of TEFL course and 2 days volunteer teaching at a non-profit local English camp for disadvantaged children - great hands-on practical classroom experience. Final exam.

Intensive TEFL training: Please note, on certain start dates (which may include dates in February, March, September and November, although this may vary) your 120-hour TEFL training may be condensed into 2-2.5 weeks. The aim of this format is to help you get a school placement even more quickly once you are in Thailand. Please speak to us for further details. 

Teaching Placements

Once you have completed the TEFL part of the programme and received your qualification, you will receive assistance in finding a suitable teaching placement in Thailand for the duration of your stay.  Your itinerary will vary depending on the school you work in, but teaching days are typically Monday – Friday and you can expect to work an 8-hour day, with around 4-5 hours of this being classroom based.

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Cheapest flights between London and Bangkok for the next 6 months.

*Prices updated every 72 hours

Cheapest: £342 September, 2024
Most expensive: £901 July, 2024

You will need to arrange your own arrival into Bangkok International Airport. If you are arriving on the Sunday, please arrange to arrive no later than 2pm, as the last pickup time for an airport transfer is 4pm.  If you plan to arrive earlier than Sunday, you will need to book your own accommodation and transfer, please contact us for recommendations. Please note this is applicable for those travelling after 30th September, if you are travelling prior to this date, please contact a travel advisor. 

A few weeks before you depart for Thailand we will send you a buddy list with the names of the other people who will be participating on your TEFL course. This way you can get in contact with others before you leave and arrange to meet and explore Bangkok together on your arrival.

It is important that you arrive no later than the Sunday before your programme is due to start, as your welcome meeting and orientation will take place at 5pm on Sunday afternoon.


Accommodation during the TEFL course is included as part of the paid teaching programme however accommodation when you first arrive in Bangkok isn't as different people will require different amount of nights depending on when they arrive. We pre-arrange your initial accommodation upon arrival in Bangkok though.

Bangkok Arrival

You will spend a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 4 nights in Bangkok, depending on when you choose to arrive. Your time in Bangkok is mostly independent time to explore and enjoy the buzz of Bangkok, however at 5pm on Sunday there is a compulsory welcome meeting with our programme manager to kick-start your orientation.

We will make reservations on your behalf at a hotel in Bangkok before you travel to Thailand, but you will be responsible for paying for this locally when you check in. Please note that your airport transfer to the hotel is included on arrival. The cost of the accommodation is approximately £25 per night (THB 1,200). Please note during busy intakes you may be required to share a twin room with another person of the same sex.

120 Hour TEFL Course

During your TEFL course in Hua Hin you will have accommodation included and you will stay in one of our locally recommended hotels or shared houses. The accommodation is conveniently located close to both the TEFL school and the centre of the beautiful coastal town of Hua Hin, so you can easily head out for some sunbathing! All rooms are comfortable and well-equipped, and you will be sharing with another member of the course (of the same sex). 

You may have to pay a deposit upon check-in.The deposit will be returned to you when you check out (provided nothing is broken or missing).There is a utilities fee, generally nominal, which is based upon use. Electricity fees are approximately £20-40 (THB 1,000-2,000) per month, depending on the amount of usage.

If you are travelling with a friend, or have buddied-up with someone you met at the Bangkok orientation session, you can save money by sharing accommodation. Please let the programme manager know during your welcome meeting on the Sunday evening if you would like to share with anyone in particular.

During Your Teaching Placement

The programme staff can advise you during your course on how to find suitable accommodation for after the course has finished. In addition to this, the teachers at your allocated school are often happy to give advice about the local area, and help you to make arrangements for suitable and comfortable accommodation.

Rental in Thailand is very cheap, ranging from the basic end of the scale e.g. a single roomed apartment with air conditioning and a fridge, to more high end properties, with two rooms and even shared swimming pools. Very cheap apartments are available, but as prices drop, so does the quality. As you’ll be working hard during your Thai stay we recommend that you do not automatically go for the lowest-priced option, as you’ll want somewhere reasonably comfortable to relax in after a hard day’s work!

The final choice is of course, entirely up to you, and once you book we will provide you with detailed information and as many options as you need in order to secure a comfy pad. With a diverse range of accommodation in Thailand you will easily find the right place for you. Options tend to include the following:

Serviced & Short-term leased Apartments - The terms of lease are normally monthly, but weekly and fortnightly rates are sometimes offered.

Apartments & condominiums - Rates include maintenance and repair services, 24 hours security and facilities such as a gym, pool, garden or children’s play area.

Townhouses - There are a number of interesting townhouses tucked away, which are usually less expensive than apartments. They are often multi-level with small garden areas. Some complexes have a mix of apartments and townhouses in the same compound, and therefore give the same level of security and facilities as apartments.

Houses and Housing Estates - Expatriate Moo Bans (villages) are generally on the fringes of the central areas. They offer a different style of living than apartments in the city. They usually have shared facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools and have the feel of a small community.

Rental costs vary depending on where your placement is located and also on the level of comfort you choose! Expect to pay between £100-300 per month, which your earnings will easily cover.


These are not included in your total trip price, but when it comes to finding some tasty Thai tucker, you’ll discover a whole country full of delicious dishes, and as with your accommodation, these are generally very cheap and plentiful! Taking a leaf out of the local cookbook, you may be well advised to eat out for the majority of the time, as it can be much cheaper than sourcing your own ingredients and preparing meals yourself. Not only will this give you a better insight into local traditions and cookery methods, but it will save you some of your wages and could taste a whole lot better, and infinitely more authentic than the Thai meals you cook yourself!

Reasonable and tasty food is readily available throughout Thailand, and you’ll be able to find food in markets, cafes, shops, and from street vendors at excellent prices. Adding to the authentic experience, by eating out you’ll experience the social side of Thai culinary traditions, and rather than cooking up your ‘noodles for one’ back in your apartment, will probably find yourself feasting with friends, colleagues, neighbours and the occasional odd local out in the streets of the cities. Average meals should cost you no more than about £2-5.

During the days on your placement you may find that some schools provide you with a free lunch, however this will vary and should not always be expected.

The minimum age for the paid teaching programme is 20 and the upper age limit is 55. You must be a degree holder in order to apply for this programme.

Programme requirements

  • Applicants should be native English speakers in order to qualify for a teaching role in Thailand.  Non-native English speakers please contact us.
  • Have completed a degree course by the time you arrive in Thailand
  • You should be in good general physical and mental health and also have sufficient funds to pay for the programme fees and other associated costs, as well as enough money to cover the cost of personal living expenses.
  • Applicants need to hold a valid passport from South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States of America. If you are a citizen of country not listed please contact us.
  • Applicants should be mature, efficient and organised and prepared to commit to the rewarding and challenging TEFL training course and an ongoing teaching placement.
  • You will need to have a return or onward flight out of Thailand booked before you travel out to Thailand to begin your TEFL training.
  • Once accepted onto the program, you will also need to have a copy of degree legalised, notarised and 2nd step legalised. Please contact us for further information.

Application Process

Stage 1: Reserve your place with our £199 deposit. You will then submit your CV and photo to us for approval.

Stage 2: You will be contacted by us to arrange a telephone interview to assess your suitability for the paid teaching programme.

Stage 3: Once your interview has taken place, your application will be sent to the programme coordinators in Thailand for approval and they will make the final decision about your participation in the paid teaching programme.

Stage 4: Once you are accepted onto the paid teaching programme you will then receive advice about flights and visas, as well as step-by-step instructions and guidance with pre-departure information about Thailand and Thai culture, suggestions on what items to bring with you, how much spending money is recommended for the duration of the course and advice on accommodation options. You will also receive instructions about airport arrival and your transfer to Hua Hin. The balance of your trip is due 12 weeks before you depart for Thailand. 


British citizens can get a 60 day visa exemption upon arrival into Thailand. Once you are in Thailand you will apply for  a work permit. The local team help you obtain this easily in Thailand. Your work permit will cost approximately USD200 which should be paid in country. Sometimes your school will pay or split the costs of this work permit. Otherwise you will need to pay for this yourself.

Criminal Background Checks


On this particular programme, as you’ll be working with children, you’ll need to undergo an enhanced DBS previously known as CRB, or Criminal Record Bureau check and will need to have a clean criminal record.

DBS checks may list past convictions, cautions, reprimands, warnings, and if applicable will show whether or not you have been barred from working with certain vulnerable groups. Non-conviction information such as fixed penalties may also be included. For this programme the enhanced DBS check needs to be dated less than 3 months old from your programme start date.

There is an addition cost for the DBS check, please speak to your travel advisor at the time of booking. The DBS process is in 3 stages:

1. Once we receive your booking payment, you will then be sent an online application link for the DBS check, which you will need to complete.

2. Once you have completed the application, the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) will need verification of your identity - to do this you will need to take 3 original documents to your nearest crown post office and use their DBS and ID verification service. This costs approximately £9 and is payable directly to the Post Office.

3. Once the post office verification is done it usually takes up to 2 weeks for your DBS to be processed, and your DBS will be sent to you directly in the post.


Schools in Thailand also require you to have an ICPC (International Child Protection Certificate) as well as a DBS. The ICPC is a more in-depth criminal background check. We will send you full information and details of how to apply for this in your pre-departure information. 

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