Medical Internships in Ghana

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Group Size: Avg. 5-15

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Duration: 4-12 weeks

Volunteer on a mix of medical projects
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Make new friends and explore Ghana

Make your mark on a marvellous medical internship in Ghana. Ghana is one of Africa’s most friendly and welcoming countries, with glorious year-round sunshine and loads of amazing activities to try in your spare time - It's the ideal introduction to Africa. Dedicate yourself to doing good and help in a range of healthcare areas, whether in general medical care at Ghana’s clinics and hospitals, or out meeting patients and people in the community. If you have relevant previous experience you can sign up for a nursing internship, or help rehabilitate patients as a physiotherapist. If dentistry’s your thing, you can take up an internship working in dental health. Add amazing skills to your CV and pave the way forward into a medical career by gaining medical experience in gorgeous Ghana: It’s the work experience opportunity of a lifetime! 

Trip highlights

  • Gain medical experience and a certificate to boost your CV and pave the way to a medical career.
  • Help give Ghana’s healthcare system a boost by assisting as a medical intern and really making a difference.
  • Learn all about medical techniques, patient care and Ghana’s healthcare system observing experienced staff and giving practical help.
  • Gain hospital experience, work in community clinics and even meet newborns at a maternity unit.
  • Plenty of time off to have African adventures or just relax on the nearby beach.
Further trip information

Why Ghana?

Ghana is a safe, sun-drenched, fun destination for anyone wanting to have an authentic African gap year. Ghana is a country full of beauty and amazing potential, with an established healthcare system that nevertheless needs constant support. As a medical intern you can support the hardworking professional staff at Ghana’s hospitals to give the best quality of care to patients. 

Ghana is one of the most secure and friendly destinations where you can relax, get to know the locals and explore the country at your leisure. Your free time can be spent seeing the sights, lazing on a sunny beach or partying with your newfound friends!


When you arrive at the project you’ll spend a couple of days getting to know your fellow interns. You’ll get a full introduction to Ghana and learn more about your chosen placement and your duties as a medical intern. You’ll have a city tour of Accra and visit a vibrant local market. It’s a fun-packed few days, rounded off with a trip to some local bars with your fellow interns! This sociable start will set you up for the rest of your exciting stay in Ghana.

Medical Internships

General Medical Internship

Working in either a hospital or specialist clinic in the Accra area, you may find yourself working with newborn babies at a maternity clinic, help out with much-needed education at a family planning clinic or assisting on a community outreach project visiting patients and their families in their own homes. You can choose to focus your internship on one project or help out at a mixture of medical projects to gain a broad overview and experience of healthcare.


Committed interns with nursing experience are always needed to provide vital support in general nursing both at hospitals and in the community. If you are a postgraduate nursing student or experienced nurse looking for a new challenge, your skills will always be welcomed in Ghana. You can choose to help with general nursing, on maternity wards, in ear, nose and throat or eye clinics, in mental health or community nursing.


If you are interested in gaining dentistry experience, you can enrol on a dentistry internship. Dentistry is often an overlooked medical area in Ghana so as a dental intern you can offer support and improve resources.  Educating Ghanaians about the importance of dental care is important and by supporting developing communities as a dentistry intern in a hospital or clinic you can really make a difference.


If you are a qualified physiotherapist or currently training (you must have reached second year undergraduate degree level or above) you can assist as a physiotherapy intern in Ghana. Helping at community clinics and alongside sports organisations you can get hands-on with healthcare and help make a difference. 

Free Time

Ghana is such a wonderfully welcoming and friendly country, your free time is all about having fun and amazing African adventures as you explore the best Ghana has to offer. Your hours of medical commitments are usually between 4-6 hours a day, leaving plenty of free time!

Accra is close by for art galleries and museums as well as shopping and all the practicalities such as banks and healthcare. Try awesome activities such as go-karting or visit Accra’s cinema. A beautiful, clean beach is only a ten minute drive from your accommodation. Group activities are often arranged such as African dancing, drumming or nights out in bars across Accra – and of course the famous beach party!

There are lots of opportunities for arranged weekend activities, which can be organised for you at an extra cost. These two-night trips offer organised and effortless ways of seeing some of Ghana’s top sights and you can take a trip with your new friends.  

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