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Group Size: 15-30 students

Trip code: THTT

Duration: 4 weeks

Gain a teaching qualification
Experience Thai culture!
Meet other training teachers

Want to travel to Thailand, learn teaching skills, and gain a university-accredited TEFL qualification? Our 120-hour TEFL training course in Thailand is based in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin and runs for a total of 4 weeks. The TEFL programme begins with a week of exciting cultural immersion, where you can discover all about Thai culture, see the sights, learn a little of the Thai language, and go on cultural excursions. The cultural week is followed by a further 3 weeks of TEFL training, which includes 2/3 days of practical experience teaching kids at an English camp and the opportunity to attend classes at Bangkok’s top university for education. Gain a TEFL qualification in Thailand and get set up to teach English and earn money abroad!

Fancy teaching in Thailand after your TEFL course? Check out our Paid Teaching in Thailand programme.

Trip highlights

  • Gain a 120-hour TEFL qualification, accredited by one of Thailand's top universities for education - your pass to teach English all around the world!
  • Do your TEFL training in-country in Thailand, living and training in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin – all accommodation is included
  • Enjoy one week’s Thai cultural immersion, including exciting activities, language and culture lessons and cultural excursions
  • Spend three further weeks learning the TEFL ropes at our beach front training centre, plus gain practical experience teaching Thai kids at English Camp 
  • Meet like-minded mates and bond with teaching buddies as you train to teach English as a foreign language
Further trip information

Gain a coveted 120-hour TEFL qualification in amazing Thailand on this incredible Asian TEFL course programme!

Located in the lush Thai beach resort of Hua Hin, this is a TEFL course with a difference. The course is monitored and accredited by Bangkok’s top university for education!

The course begins with a one-week cultural immersion experience with an ongoing cross-cultural flavour so you get to know the real Thailand. Then your 120-hour teaching course will begin!

During your course, you will have the opportunity to sit in on some classes and lectures at the university in Bangkok, giving you a complete educational experience. At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate signed by this prestigious university. Having completed this accredited course you will be highly sought after by schools around the world!

Why train for a TEFL qualification?

  • A TEFL qualification opens doors to paid teaching positions around the world
  • A TEFL qualification is a valuable addition to your CV
  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to teach English abroad
  • You will learn all about the roles and responsibilities of a teacher
  • You will develop a set of teaching skills so you can teach students of all ages
  • You will learn how to plan and structure lessons
  • You will boost your confidence with practical experience in the classroom

TEFL Training

Week 1: Cultural Immersion Experience

You will be met at Bangkok airport by a programme representative and you will spend your first night in Bangkok. On the following day you will be transferred to Hua Hin. During your first week’s cultural Introduction you will take language lessons, go on cultural excursions, get to know Hua Hin and experience authentic Thai culture and temple visits.

Week 2: Lesson planning and basic grammar introduction

In week 2 you will learn about the key elements of a lesson plan and how to structure a lesson. You will also learn how to teach grammar and brush up on the rules of grammar. You will put together a lesson plan for teaching grammar and get practical, hands-on experience presenting a full lesson.

Week 3: Teaching reading, listening and speaking

English During this third week you will focus on learning how to teach reading, listening and speaking English in a classroom environment. You’ll find out how to teach students key reading skills. You will create a lesson plan for teaching reading and present a full lesson for more practical experience.

Week 4: Classroom management, English Camp & final exam

This final week of TEFL training focuses on classroom management, learning key skills such as how to set ground rules, how to get to know your students and how to gain your students trust and respect. You will spend a few days preparing lessons to teach at English Camp. You will then get to practice your teaching skills with Thai kids at a 2-3 day English Camp. You will also take a multiple choice and short answer final TEFL training exam.

Please note: During popular teacher training months (which may include February, March, September and November, although this may vary) your 120-hour TEFL training may be condensed into the first 2-3 weeks. If you do this more intensive training schedule, the rest of your time in Thailand will be spent volunteer teaching with local Thai kids, so you get even more practical teaching experience. 

Finding a paid teaching job after your TEFL training

This TEFL training programme provides you with a 120-hour TEFL qualification, but does not set you up with a paid teaching job. Once you have your TEFL you can apply to teach English in a variety of amazing destinations all around the world. If you are interested in combining your TEFL training with finding a paid teaching job in Thailand, check out our Paid Teaching in Thailand programme instead.

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