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New Year's Resolutions? One Solution: Go Travelling!

By Jessica Whyte

Last updated: 12th January 2013

2014 is coming and New Year’s resolutions are about to be made in there millions. Don’t bother with the top five most common resolutions; make just one vow for 2014: Go travelling! Go on a gap trip and cover all the bases; make and save money, have new adventures, learn something new, make a difference and take a difference spin on the old cliché of getting fit. 

Save more money, make more money

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions centres around saving money. Why not start 2014 by making a saving and take advantage of one of our great discounts on travel this New Year? With up to 25% off all our gap travel programmes in January, there is no better way to kick start the New Year.

If you go travelling, you can go one better than simply saving money and actually make money too! There are so many exciting paid work and travel programmes on offer all around the world, you’ll soon tick off the ‘earn more money’ box on your resolution list. Our Absolute Oz programme can provide you with paid work in Australia, or you can get a summer job in the USA or become a paid Au Pair in America. Snap up a paid job in New Zealand, or make some money in cool Canada. Or try out paid teaching in ThailandChina or South Korea. The sky’s the limit!

Have new adventures

2013 was the year that coined the expression ‘YOLO’, meaning ‘you only live once’. Why not make 2014 the year to put words into practice and actually get out into the world and have some exciting new adventures? Visit Thailand, a traveller’s paradise, for a fun-packed Thai Intro week, or a full-on four-week Thai Adventure. Or go on safari, volunteer and try adrenaline activities on our South African Wild Adventure. With every type of adventure trip on offer in over 40 countries, whatever your adventure wish is for 2014 make sure you fulfil it in the New Year. And don’t forget, adventures just got cheaper with up to 25% off all our trips in January!

Learn something new

Another top-rated New Year’s resolution is to learn something new. Why not add to your skill set in 2014 by travelling abroad and learning at the same time? Learn how to be a teacher in Asia, learn to speak Spanish in South America or learn to dive in Australia. Don’t put it off until 2015, there’s no time like the present!

Make a difference

Top of many people’s New Year’s resolution list is to make a difference or volunteer. Why not become a volunteer abroad and give something back to our global society in 2014? You could work as a community volunteer in Cape Town, try teaching or childcare volunteering in Thailand, or volunteer with kids, conservation or wildlife projects all around the world. Get that feel-good feeling in 2014 and sign up to volunteer abroad today.

Get fit in 2014

Forget the gym membership and the tedious diets, and make your New Year’s resolution to get fit the global way. Why not trek the Inca Trail in Peru, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, try Muay Thai boxing in Thailand or learn to surf in Australia for the ultimate New Year keep-fit challenge?

Don’t forget, there’s up to 25% off on all our travel programmes in January – it’s the perfect way to see in 2014. Many resolutions, one solution: travel!

Gap 360 are based in Tunbridge Wells and offer over 180 gap travel programmes in over 50 countries, including paid work, volunteering and adventure trips.

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