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A group of travellers on top of a rock in the Blue Mountains with clouds in the background

Experiencing the Blue Mountains and Sydneys Beaches

By Gillian Scholes

Last updated: 8th October 2011

The Blue Mountains

Wow – I hadn’t heard a lot about the Blue Mountains before I arrived in Sydney so I had no idea what to expect, but I was definitely impressed.

The Blue Mountains


Travellers jumping in the air on a rock in the Blue Mountains

Travellers wearing Oktoberfest garb and holding large beers

After a 1hr30min drive we arrived, seeing our first kangaroo – one of many to come I’m sure. We began our trek down into the Valley and naively we all thought we were going for a nice, leisurely stroll. Some people even came in flip-flops and skirts, which proved to be a mistake…2 hours in and the pack started to break, those fit strode on and left behind were the calf aching, out of breath sweating few and it did not help that the sign post counted down the hours left and not minutes! However, what did make up for it was the amazing views we saw and moments we shared together; from the staggering waterfalls to The Three Sisters and landscapes stretching on for miles. I would recommend it to anyone, even with the 5 hours trek – Just remember to train for a marathon before. That night we dressed up for an Oktoberfest themed night down in Side-bar. We all got ready in our hostel room, whilst pre-drinking and getting to know each other that little bit more, some more than others!!

Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk

Waking up this morning was a struggle, feeling very hung-over we got on the bus to Coogee for the coastline walk to Bondi (7 beaches in total) – of course it decided to rain when we arrived in Bondi but the first six beaches gave me a good taste of Sydney Beach life. Everyone seems so chilled here; playing volleyball, sunbathing, having a beach-side BBQ – yes they actually provide free BBQ’s for everyone to use and of course everyone seems to be surfing.I know it’s what Australia is famous for but actually watching them made me more determined to be an Aussie surfer by the end of my trip than ever.

Along the walk (which took about 3 hours with lunch), we saw some amazing views and cliff top drops – those who dared took pictures from the over-hanging rocks, hanging their legs over the edge while others enjoyed the stunning coastline views, probably one of my favourite days so far

Travellers sitting on the edge of a cliff enjoying a coastline view

Gillian and fellow travellers sitting on the beach


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