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Backpackers Budget: Your Questions, Answered!

By Gap 360

Last updated: 16th August 2013

Australia is ONE popular country to visit... we send hundreds of you off around the world each year, and as we’re approaching prime Aussie departure time, we thought we’d fill you in with everything you'll need to know if you’re one of the lucky ones swanning off (and if you are, can you make room for us in your suitcase - pretty please?).

How big of a budget do I need?

If you’re heading out to Australia to work Down Under for a year, you’ll need to have a fair amount of savings - $5000 AUD to be exact (at the time of writing). You’ll need to have at least 5k sitting in your account before you arrive so the Australian Government know you can support yourself, but seeing as though you’ll be situated in a job pretty quickly, you’ll be able to pay your mum back in no time! (Or you could trade in all Christmas presents for the next 10 years?)

And if you’re going on holiday? It’s so hard to say! Flights can vary in price due to season, but you could embark on our 14-day East Coast tour and get flights for approx £2600 on a good day. To make the most of your trip, you could extend either end of the East Coast tour and stay in hostels - check out our hostel booking portal to get the best deals. 

If I want to work, can I get a job easily?

As long as you’re proactive and flexible then you’ll find a job in no time! Our team are on hand to help find you a position, and the money’s good in Aus too! You can expect around $20 an hour!

How can Gap 360 help?

If you’re heading out on one of our Paid Work options, we’ll be helping you settle into Aussie life from the off! Before you go you'll be able to chat with our awesome sales team (who have been there, done that!) and when you arrive you’ll attend an orientation with our friendly team out in Sydney! You’ll also have 5/7 days of hostel accommodation included in the price, and if you ask us there’s no better place to meet other travellers than in our joints! Our team will then support you with the help you'll need to get a job too. 

Where can you work in Aus with Gap 360?

In one word... anywhere! Most of our travellers stay in Sydney though as that’s where most of the work is, but you could move on to Melbourne, up the Golden Coast to Cairns - it’s completely up (or down!) to you!

When is the best time to go?

If you like to escape the bleak UK winter, then we’d say the best time to depart is in October. You’ll arrive in the peak Aussie summertime, and you’ll be able to lap up the sun/make all your mates jealous that you’re having an awesome time in great weather. Bam! If not, then even in the height of the Aussie winter (aka, July/Aug) the weather is still pretty good - over the last week (circa 16th August) the temperature in Sydney has been 20c.


Still got some burning questions? Get in touch with our sales team and book a 1-to-1 travel advice session!

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