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The Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand

Ben and Harriet's Thailand Adventure - Day 2

By Gap 360

Last updated: 16th March 2013

Over the past few weeks, a few members of the Gap 360 team have been jetting off to some of our epic locations in South East Asia to check out our projects and experiences. Now's the time for Ben and Harriet to conquer Thailand. They're going to be travelling around and trying all things Thai for the next two weeks so expect updates galore from the troublesome twosome!

Day 2

Hi guys! I'm currently out in Thailand with Harriet, reporting back to G360 base on a day-to-day basis. We've done so much already! 

After a great nights sleep we woke up in preparation to meet our tour guide, 'On'. He's a great guy, very chatty and spoke excellent English (better than me and Harriet, ha!). We met 'On' in the Sawasadee reception, jumped in a tuk tuk and headed off to our first stop- the Grand Palace.

It cost 500THB to get into the Grand Palace, which is actually included for Gap 360 travellers on the Thai Adventure. It was amazing! It is beautifully built, so much work had gone into every last detail and we got some great pics. After that we went to see the reclining Buddha- Wat Po, which was absolutely HUGE and completely breathtaking. Next? Onto another Buddha- this time the Emerald Buddha (tuk tuk, to river ferry- 3THB) and 'On' told the story of all the kings and how they played a part in how Thailand and Bangkok is today. I'm not usually one for doing all of this sightseeing malarkey but I really enjoyed it!

The tour ended around 2pm, so it was lunch time! We headed to a restaurant called S&P- the food was amazing and the air con was even better! I had a delicious jungle curry and spring rolls, my mouth is still watering thinking back to how good it was. Harriet had fish soup and Pad Thai; we both had a drink and it came to 700THB (£15) which although is quite expensive in Thailand, considering the joint overlooked the river it was worth every baht! 

That evening we were meeting one of the guys that runs the Thai Adventure - Dan, and he took us out and showed us where all of the Gap 360 travellers come together and meet for the first time. The first stop off was called 'Silk Bar'; it had a great outdoor area (and the food was hench!). We had quite a few drinks that evening and ended up in a club that Dan had recommended, it goes without saying that Harriet and I were both a little intoxicated and on the way back we grabbed a cheeky McDonald's- nice!

We love Bangkok, and we've had an awesome second day! Next? More Bangkok fun!

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