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Elephant and baby elephant in Thailand

Unforgettable Elephants in Thailand

By Gap 360

Last updated: 17th August 2016

Tucked away in the tranquil Surin, our Elephant Experience project in Thailand is the perfect way to get up close to the gentle giants and really make a difference in a community. Customer Kayleigh has just got back from volunteering at the project, so we decided to quiz her on everything from why she picked the trip to must eat dishes.

Over to Kayleigh to tell us all about her travels…

Why did you pick the Thailand elephant trip?

Honestly, the reason I picked the elephant and community project is because I really wanted to work on a project with animals and it seemed like an ethical way of being involved with elephants. Plus, it was in beautiful Thailand. win-win!

An elephant touching Kayleigh's face with it's trunk

Highlight of trip?

I loved everything about my trip, honestly, I can't think of one thing I hated! One highlight for me I would have to say it was a Buddhist ceremony we attended. At the village we stayed at (Surin) we were super lucky to be there at the time two young men had decided to become monks. They held a totally elaborate celebration for the entire community, a bit like a festival where everyone danced, celebrated and came together regardless of who they were. The celebrations lasted two days and it and it was just incredible to witness and be a part of. It was so colourful and so fun.

Most unexpected moment?

My most unexpected moment was making my way to my bed on the floor and finding a scorpion on it! It was a definite reminder that I wasn't at home anymore!

Must pack item?

Everything is so easy to access in Thailand, that there isn’t anything that is an essential you won’t find out there. Instead, I would suggest you take a positive and flexible attitude with you because no two days will be the same on this project.

Must do?

Get involved with as much as you can. Be totally open minded. Apart from that, I'd say definitely bathe the elephants in the river and get in the water with them. Seeing how much they enjoy it is just unreal.

Must see?

All the amazing temples in Bangkok. Some you do have to pay to get in, however it’s completely worth it. They're not like anything we have in the UK, they are so decorative and colourful.

Must eat?

I was super shocked at how much I could eat in Thailand! I'm vegan and also a really fussy eater, but everywhere I went to they were so lovely and took into mind my dietary restrictions and would alter recipes for me. My absolute favourite dish was Pad Thai though.

Summarise trip in 3 words

Unforgettable & life changing.


Kayleigh taking a selfie with an elephant in the background


Feeling inspired? If you want to follow in Kayleigh’s footsteps, make sure you check out our Elephant Experience project on the website. Voted 10/10 by past customers, expect an unforgettable experience getting up close to these gentle giants.


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