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A dirt road between golden temples in Thailand

My Thai Trek: Bamboo Huts and Bat-Poo!

By Jane McLellan

Last updated: 21st September 2011

Trekking around Chiang Mai in Thailand was both a great opportunity for me to check out the spectacular scenery and also a chance to visit the charming Hill Tribe people who live up in the mountains. My trek included an overnight stay in a remote village in a basic bamboo house. The village we stayed at was set in the beautiful mountains and the wooden hut we slept in was very basic with no electricity but the views were amazing – we were surrounded by hills and jungle. All of us were crammed into one room, which consisted of a floor mat, a rock hard pillow and a mosquito net. There were no showers and just a hole in the floor for a toilet. It was basic but we had everything we needed – it was a real adventure!

The locals were really friendly and showed us around their village and we enjoyed a tasty tofu coconut curry and rice for dinner. Afterwards we sat outside in the warm air and gathered round to listen to our guide play the guitar. He shared with us the history and stories of the tribes and it was really interesting to learn more about the area and people.  When it was time for bed, I fell asleep listening to the restless, but comforting sounds of the jungle.

The trek went really off the beaten track and I got to see stunning waterfalls, lush tropical jungle, rice fields and banana plantations. During my trek, we came across some caves, which was quite exciting, but I soon learnt the hard way that it is better not to touch anything or sit down in the caves! Suffice to say there was an unfortunate experience which involved me getting covered in bat poo! At times the hike was an experience of pure tranquillity as I meandered along the adventure trails.  I even had a chance to save my legs for part of the trek by riding an elephant! The trekking experience came to a relaxing end as I floated along a river on a bamboo raft.  Bat poo aside, the trek was a wonderful experience!


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