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Long-tail boats on beach in Thailand

Summer Intern-ing in Thailand!

By Eshan Shah

Last updated: 18th June 2014

It was just a few weeks ago that I applied to be a travelling summer intern at Gap360. And now in less than a month, I’m gonna be travelling more than half way across the world to spend 29 adventure packed days in Thailand!

I know this isn’t tumblr, but I literally can’t even.

Even looking through the trip’s itinerary is getting my adrenaline going, whether it’s hiking through northern Thailand, diving off the coast of a Thai Island, or personally taking care of and playing with my very own elephant at the elephant Sanctuary. Yeah, you read that right, an elephant Sanctuary!

After travelling around Europe this past year on my own, I’m also stoked that other people will be joining me on this adventure. And I think it’s brilliant that gap360 helps you connect to your travel buddies ahead of the trip, as I can’t wait to meet the rest of the team!

Overall I’m so grateful to you guys for this opportunity of a lifetime, and I’ll try my very best to make the most out of every moment of it. If you wanna keep up with me on my journey, I’ll be posting regular youtube vlogs/blogs on my channel:!

Peace out, enjoy life, and get ready to live the adventure!


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