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Lady walking along the wall in Croatia

10 Cheap Countries to Visit in Europe

Amelia's profile picture in Bergamo

By Amelia Bristow

Last updated: 2nd May 2024

Europe is full of fantastic times, gorgeous weather, and some of the best food you’ll ever taste, and it is also bursting with a rich diverse culture and natural beauty. It goes without saying that everyone needs and wants an affordable euro summer. So, with summer around the corner, and the fact we don’t want to break the bank whilst travelling, here are the hottest destinations of 2024 and their average costs. Whether you’re looking to spend your European trip in just one culture-rich country or if you’re looking to experience different cultures and travel to multiple destinations, Europe is the place to be! These are the 10 best cheap countries to visit in Europe for you to have the most iconic times with new mates and to look back on your camera roll and relive the memories. 

1. Greece

Landscape picture of white buildings in Santorini, Greece

The islands of paradise, fun, sun and smiles. Greece has everything from perfect beaches, amazing food and one of the best histories. There is a reason why it is featured in The 12 Best Summer Destinations in Europe. Take a trip to Greece and bronze up like a god or goddess whilst learning the history of the Ancient Greek civilisation and filling up on scrumptious food. Island hopping is the most iconic type of travel to make everyone jealous on your Instagram story. Our Greece Summer Explorer will take you to all the hottest spots over 9 dreamy days. Island life looks good on you! So, how can we achieve the ultimate hot girl/guy summer on a budget? Greece is a low-cost destination that has great value in certain essentials. 

On these islands, you’ll be spending days at picture-perfect beaches that are completely free making you feel like you’ve landed in your Mamma Mia dream! For other activities, it’s always best to check prices like the museums, fortresses or walking tours. But, if you’re looking to spend no cash then snorkelling and swimming are your next best friend… I mean you can’t complain really. A trick on where to get food and drink is that it’s best to avoid main squares or popular places unless you’re willing to spend a bit more cash on your meals. Aim for the smaller authentic restaurants - nothing beats a rustic Greek restaurant and tucking into the traditional delicious dishes like tzatziki, gyros, souvlaki and salads. 

Rough Costs 

The ideal daily budget would be around €30 to about €42 if you want to treat yourself occasionally. This budget-friendly destination will let you enjoy your days on the sunny beaches having an unforgettable adventure without having to break the bank. 

Drink: Ouzo €3

Food: Souvlaki  €3


2. Spain

View from Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a hot destination right now as Barcelona girls are trending all over TikTok, you just have to hop on the trend. Spain has the most exciting nightlife with amazing beaches to recover on the next day. This budget-friendly destination is great for kicking back and enjoying your holiday without worrying about your bank notifications popping up on your phone. Tuck into tapas and drink sangrias whilst spending your day's vintage shopping, walking around iconic landmarks before heading out to party the night away. Check out our Spain, Portugal & Morocco group trip to have the ultimate time ticking off four fabulous destinations in Spain. Start in Barcelona and then head to the capital of Spain, Madrid before heading south to stunning Granada and finish in Seville. 

Spain is filled with history wherever you go! It can 100% be affordable for you and your friends to make your euro summer dreams come true… the dining options are varied with the sheer amount of restaurants, eateries and bars. Classic dishes such as tapas and paella are fantastic to try as they would be low-cost in authentic restaurants. For activities that are budget-friendly, why not enjoy walking around the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona? Or look through the brilliant markets in Madrid and see what you can find.

If you want your trip to be more active, why not look at our Majorica Fitness Holiday? Start your days doing yoga in the Spanish sun, have unlimited access to paddleboards and bikes and opt to partake in watersports! Smash your fitness goals on this trip with HIIT workouts and nutritious meals sorted for you during the weekdays. Then, at the weekends head out and explore!

Rough Costs 

In Spain, it would be recommended to have a daily budget of €50. This would include all meals and drinks daily - so if you’re booking on a tour some of these meals will be sorted for you like breakfast. 

Drink: Sangria  €1.50 - €3 

Food: Menú del día (set menu of the day)  €10 - €12


3. Italy

Traveller stood smiling on a bridge in Venice, Italy

Italian summers are the best types of summer as this destination is bursting with amazing culture, cuisine and coastlines. Italy is a dreamy destination that will simply have you not wanting to go home. You get great value for your money here, from affordable food and drinks to free fun activities. Spend your days exploring the romantic canals of Venice, dive into the clear waters of the Amalfi Coast or chat over some Aperol Spritz during a classy aperitivo; there is something for everyone at this budget-friendly destination. Why not get the best of both worlds and book our Italian Escape? Uncover the beauty of Italy over 6, 10 or 15 days and visit Naples, Venice, Florence and so much more!

Picture yourself… sitting at quaint cafes, simply people-watching and sipping your espressos. The song of O Bella Ciao will be the ultimate sound to your Italian TikToks. Italy is filled with natural wonders and the beauty of their low prices… trust me, it is one of the best cheap countries to visit in Europe. If you’re keen to visit Italy but know you want to go elsewhere in Europe and make people think you’re an iconic travel girlie or super cool travel guy, check out our European Getaway for the most incomparable summers!  

Check prices to ensure you’re sticking to your budget, but this isn’t difficult in Italy. As said earlier, you get great value - the portions tend to be large and are less expensive, and items such as coffee, pizza, pasta, Aperol spritz and wine are all low-cost, so you’re bound to have a good time. For activities, you should definitely go to local second-hand or food markets for the best experiences. Also, the museums tend to be free or have a small fee however, on the last Sunday of every month, the entry fees are cheaper or completely free. 

Rough Cost

Enjoy Italy to the fullest on a daily budget of  €36 - €50. This will allow you to enjoy dinners or activities with friends. Relax on a sunny beach in Italy knowing your trip has been completely affordable! 

Drink: Wine  €2.60

Food: Local pasta dish €8

4. Portugal

Customer at the beach in sunny Portugal

Portugal is definitely a low-cost destination filled with natural beauty and exciting sights! Fill up on the best Pastel de Nata’s because they’re simply irresistible, and not only from the taste… they cost  €1 on average. This destination doesn’t break the bank with its activities or dining options either! Chill out in the gorgeous sunshine of Portugal and surf on the beautiful shores of the Algarve, or explore the incredible streets of Lisbon and then why not finish your day off by opening up a bottle of Vinho Verde? Seafood is fresh from the coast and great value to tuck into, but if seafood isn’t your kind of taste bud, then settle in for a mighty steak sandwich.

If a quick getaway isn’t satisfying your Euro summer addiction, then explore the whole of Portugal on our group trip: Portugal Uncovered. Spend 9 days seeing all of what Portugal has to offer and more! Walk through the Sintra’s fairytale-like castles, learn to cook pastel de nata’s and check out cathedrals and Roman baths! You won’t want to leave this affordable summer destination with what it offers. Add this to your list now as one of the cheap countries to visit in Europe this summer!

Rough Costs

Okay, so daily budgets in Portugal will be around €47 or €68 if you’re looking to treat yourself occasionally. You’ll be able to love your European summer without worrying about your funds too much. 

Drink: A bottle of vinho verde (type of wine)  €3.60

Food: Grilled sardines  €8


5. Croatia

Group of travellers on the Ultimate Croatia trip on the beach

This destination may surprise you to make it on the list of cheap countries to visit in Europe. But do not fear! You can still go and love Croatia on a budget-friendly getaway! Croatia has gorgeous natural beauty and is full of rich history for you to get stuck into. When travelling in Croatia, you’ll need to check the prices of what activities you’re doing and where you’re eating; there's nothing wrong with comparing! By checking different options you can ensure that your sunny beach days and summery warm evenings will stay low-cost but equally enjoyable. 

Soak up the sun on glorious beaches for free, or stroll through quaint cobbled towns like Split, Dubrovnik or Hvar. In Dubrovnik, you can take cable cars to viewpoints, walk along the ancient walls or even discover the quaint alleys of the Old Town. Your days are endless in Croatia by taking a trip to iconic national parks like Krka and Plitvice National Park. The entries for these parks are usually around €16, but trust me, you won’t regret it. Inside are jaw-dropping waterfalls hidden in forests. Seek out the secret spot called Roški Slap in Krka National Park to dip into these crystal clear lakes. Sounds like your dream trip? Check out our Ultimate Croatia group trip to guarantee yourself the most amazing European summer. Enjoy 10 days of exploring and sailing around Croatia, including a stop at Krka National Park. Or what about having a peek at our Croatia Adventure spending 7 action-packed days seeing all the best places?

Rough Costs

Croatia isn’t the cheapest of destinations so the daily budget is above the average compared to others so aim for around €60. The daily budget can be increased for activities that you might want to do like boat rides or entertainment like parties in Hvar. 

Drink: Draught beer  €3

Food: Squid Ink Risotto  €11


6. Czechia (Czech Republic)

Image of Prague in Czechia

If you fancy a unique European summer, take a trip to the Czechia. The incredible city of Prague is just spectacular to visit and discover the authentic beauty. Learn about the rich history of this city and walk through the interesting museums. Let loose and drink the best beer and dance on the tables on a traditional Czech night as the evening comes around. You will be having the time of your life! Then, you can wake up and seize the day by walking around the stunning Prague Castle or Czech-ing out the amazing views from the Old Town Bridge. 

After all that exploring, you’ll be ravenous so be sure to taste the traditional hearty meals like pork and dumplings, Schnitzel or authentic sausages served with veggies. Or discover Prague like a local and head down to the farmer's markets for food and drinks to try. 

Seeing the perfect European city of Prague has to be on your European bucket list. How about levelling up and visiting other fantastic destinations en route? On our European Getaway group trip, tick off big destinations like Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin, and so much more!  

Rough Costs

The daily budget for the Czechiawould be around €45 and with an occasional treat it would be €55 (maybe on those nights filled with beer).

Drink: Pilsner Urquell (0.5l beer)  €1.60

Food: Pork and dumplings  €8


7. Slovenia

People rowing on Lake Bled in Slovenia on a sunny day

Slovenia is an underrated backpacking destination, it is a budget-friendly country that is surrounded by breathtaking views. This country is sandwiched between Italy, Austria and Croatia. It is known for Lake Bled, a dreamy peaceful lake with a church on an island at its centre. The beauty continues high and low as the Julian Alps surround Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, creating breathtaking views on hikes. Another spectacular spot is the rocky Soča Valley, with pristine blue clear waters and areas where you can swim to cool off during your hot Euro summer.

Slovenia is growing in popularity for its wine industry! So, definitely try some wine-tasting experiences to immerse yourself in this country’s passion. But if you are looking to spend your days more actively, this country is perfect for hiking, kayaking and rafting adventures around the lakes! There are so many low-cost activities to make memories with mates, so be sure to add this to your European Summer list. 

Rough Costs

Daily bduget would be around €47, occasional treat €68

Drink: Pivo (0.5l beer)  €2.60

Food: Štruklji (savoury flavoured dumplings)  €4


8. Germany

Person holding pretzel on overlooking a square in Munich, Germany

Germany is full of good cities, good food and good nights out. This is exactly what we want from our European summers right? Germany is packed full of history with phenomenal landscapes to explore. Across it are architectural structures, historical buildings and fairytale castles. Germany sure has it all, including a budget-friendly experience! 

Take a trip to the capital of cool… Berlin! Experience a tour along the Berlin Wall and look at the diverse street art, take a trip to swim in Teufelssee Lake, grab a cool beer in the parks, and check out the markets and museums. The world is your oyster here! But let's not forget the unique nightlife that Berlin has to offer! You just have to experience it if you Are visiting. Take a trip to Berlin on our phenomenal Europe Explorer and spend 2 nights getting to know these streets amongst other must-see cities like Rome, Paris and Amsterdam! Plus, if you cannot get enough of Germany, this trip also stops and visits Munich!

 Of course, Munich has to be added to your list too! It is the home to the biggest beer festival - Oktoberfest. You are spoilt for choice here with the dining options and numerous beer gardens and halls, museums and churches. Your days will be filled with rich culture and great value. Tuck into the best foods from schnitzel to pretzels after a session of drinking stein after stein! Why not try the classic street food like Bratwurst and sausages for €2 to soak up that beer? 

If you are fancying somewhere different,head to Cologne! It is home to chocolate, beer and a beautiful cathedral. Spend your days looking around the chocolate museum - including a three-metre high chocolate foundation inside - or wandering through a brewery and tasting the local beer. Do days in Germany get any better than this?

Rough Costs

Daily budget would be around €58, occasional treat €78

Drink: Pint of Helles  €2 -  €4

Food: Schnitzel  €15


9. Hungary 

Picture of people swimming in the thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary

You have just got to visit Hungary! Let’s just say you won't be hungry in Hungary as this is a budget-friendly destination, with street food markets filled with langos (deep-fried flatbread topped with sour cream and cheese), sausages and chimney cakes, you’ll be full to the brim. Hungry is more than just its cuisine though… there is also stunning architecture, thermal baths or lakes and quaint bars that are a total must-see!

Now, of course, Budapest is where it is at for backpackers! Here in the city, you can find the unique Ruin Bars with low-cost pints for evening entertainment and stunning thermal baths to relax in during the day. Enjoy your days and evenings exploring the different architecture, like Fisherman’s Bastion, Chain Bridge, Hero’s Square, and so much more! With the thermal baths costing around €11 - €22, depending on when you visit in the day you should check the prices and spend the day here it's a must-do. Budapest is a city bursting with culture and history which doesn’t break the bank and lets you enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Rough Costs

Budapest’s daily budget is around €42, the occasional treat would add up to around €62. As Budapest is a popular city, visiting outside the capital may make your budget even smaller as you’ll avoid city prices.

Drink: Beer  €2

Food: Goulash (traditional stew)  €3 - €4


10. Romania 

Cable cars in Romania

People would think of Dracula and Transylvania when visiting Romania, but this destination goes beyond just that. Romania is home to some spectacular views and wildlife. Venture out to the Carpathian Mountains, where you can hike and see the breathtaking views of this destination. 

But Romania also holds vibrant cities and rustic villages! On The Great European Journey, you’ll be visiting Bucharest and Transylvania. Here, you can dive into the folklore of Dracula with an included tour of Bran Castle inspired by the famous gothic novel. Don’t forget to try out the traditional cuisine in Romania, these hearty meals are waiting for you. Try the stuffed peppers, meat stew and fried cheese! 

Romania is a fantastic destination to add to your list of cheap countries to visit in Europe! Although it isn’t the most popular place to see, it has its own unique beauty, and everyone should experience it. 

Rough Costs

Daily budget would be around €40 occasional treat €50. 

Drink: Beer €1.90 or Bottle of Romanian wine €4

Food: Moldavian stew €2.10


Budget Travel Tips 

The ultimate budget travel tips start from checking prices and weighing up your own decisions. Let’s face it, everyone wants to enjoy their European summer and not have the thought of their money looming over them. Maybe consider joining our group tours for your ideal destination. This way you can save money on some meals, activities and transfers! So here are some simple quick tips for staying within the range of your daily budget. 

  • Try booking trips/flights in advance and look out for sales/discounts too!
  • Train Vs. Coach. Coach journeys are cheaper but they can take longer.
  • Travel off-season and remember July and August is typically summer holidays for families.
  • Compare prices of hotels and hostels as sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised 
  • Accessible kitchen facilities will help reduce food expenses. Get cooking!
  • Renting a bike or exploring on foot are the cheaper travel options - no taxis. 
  • Pay in local currencies to avoid extra fees. Certain bank cards are good for this! Check out Wise Travel Card.
  • Pack smartly! You don’t want to have to spend money on clothes you had at home.
  • Find free attractions. Free is fun.
  • Join a group tour! Saving money on meals and activities.
  • Eat in rustic restaurants that aren’t in the main squares or by attractions.
  • Try to save up slowly in advance of your trip.


I hope this helps you save some pennies. You deserve to get away and enjoy your time in these budget-friendly destinations whilst immersing yourself in the amazingly different cultures. Check out our Europe trips to see what trip suits you best so that you enjoy your summer to the fullest. But, ultimately have the best euro summer wherever you are with these amazing tips and lists of cheap countries to visit in Europe!

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