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Travellers on sailing boat with drinks in hand ready for a night out

The 12 Best Party Destinations in Europe

Traveller sat at Park Guell, Barcelona

By Sarah Hemsley

Last updated: 7th March 2024

Europe has some legendary nightlife! We’re talking partying in thermal baths, raving in a medieval fortress and living it up on the sands of stunning islands. There’s no better place to party than the best party cities in Europe. Meet, drink and party with like-minded travellers on our Europe group trips.

Keep reading to find out some of the hottest party destinations across Europe.

1) Berlin, Germany 🍻

View of Berlin city lite up at night

Let’s kick things off with the epic party city of Berlin. It’s simply the epicentre for an unforgettable night out in Europe. Learn Berlin’s great history by day, and dance to world-famous DJs by night. It’s a place you can’t afford to miss. The party scene here is unmatched, from underground clubs to rooftop parties. If that’s your scene, Berlin is the place to be. Plus, if that’s not enough, Germany is famous for their delicious pints. Beer, anyone?

Best clubs in Berlin:

  • Berghain: Berlin’s best nightclub! A historic power station now turned techno club. 
  • Anomalie: This artistic club is host to world-famous DJs and edgy artists creating the best atmosphere with impressive sound systems, laser effects, smoke machines more.
  • Fitzroy: There’s something for everybody here. Expect experimental pop to electronic beats. 

Check out the nightlife in Berlin on:

2) Budapest, Hungary 🧖

Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest

Bupapest’s nightlife is on par with Berlin - incredible! Some might say it’s the buda-best party destination in Europe! For a night out you won’t forget… or remember… get lost in the iconic ruin bars. Where the cool kids of the 1940s took over abandoned buildings and transformed them into hip bars with funky decor, quirky furniture and many cheap drinks. When you’re on our Europe by Train group trip, after a wild night out, recharge with a soak in Budapest's famous Szechenyi Thermal Baths.

Best spots in Budapest:

  • Ruin Bars: You haven’t experienced a night out in Budapest if you haven’t been to Ruin Bars.
  • SPARTY (Széchenyi Bath Party):  The best pool party in Europe! Dance the night away in Budapest’s famous thermal baths. Expect impressive laser and fire shows while the drinks flow heavily. Make sure to book beforehand. 
  • Morrison’s 2: Open every night with 7 dance floors, a variety of music and a huge outdoor terrace.

Check out the nightlife in Budapest on:

3) Mykonos, Greece ☀️

Travellers at 180 Sunset Bar in Mykonos, Greece

One of the hottest party destinations in Greece, Europe and the world! Mykonos is known for throwing epic parties at its many stunning beach clubs including the iconic must-visit Paradise Beach Club. With a unique blend of music, cocktails, DJ sets and live performances, Mykonos knows how to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning. 

Best spots in Mykonos:

  • Paradise Beach Club - The island's most famous beach club with day parties by the pool and night parties that go till dawn. The club includes different stages with a mix of music from the world's best DJs, including Tiësto, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack.
  • Tropicana Beach Bar - A hot spot where the beats start in the early afternoon and carry you through to early morning.
  • 180 Sunset Bar - As you can guess, this bar offers a stunning 180º panorama of the gorgeous Greek sunset. With bean bags, fairy lights and friendly faces, it’s a cosy spot to start the night off.

Check out the nightlife in Mykonos on:

4) Amsterdam, Netherlands ❌

Canal lit up in Red Light District, Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love Amsterdam? This city is seriously party-central. Backpackers from around the globe are drawn to its laidback vibes and exciting nightlife. Think picture-perfect canals, lined with coffee shops, bars, clubs and the world-famous Red Light District. Many travellers return to Amsterdam, it’s just so dam’ good! Not to mention the mouth-watering Edam, deliciously sweet stroopwafels and Dutch crepes that can still be enjoyed whilst hungover. 

Best clubs in Amsterdam:

  • Shelter - If you love techno, discover this techno-heavy club located in the basement of the trendy A’DAM tower. 
  • NYX - An LGBTQ+ club that welcomes everybody to party to a mix of music genres.
  • Escape - Big names have played here including Tiësto, David Guetta, and Todd Terry!

Check out the nightlife in Amsterdam on:

5) Ibiza, Spain 🏝️

Ibiza town with blue sky

Chances are, you already know this one! This party island is Spain’s number one destination for fans of all things music, dance and party. Think world-class beach clubs, boat parties and legendary unforgettable events. The party doesn’t stop here. There are tons of bars and clubs - including some of the best in the world. Find yourself dancing well into the morning hours as you watch the sun rise above this stunning island.

Best clubs in Ibiza:

  • Pacha Ibiza: One of the most iconic clubs on the island. Famous for its glamorous and diverse party atmosphere. It hosts top DJs playing a variety of electronic music across its multiple rooms.
  • Amnesia: A must-visit! Known for its massive parties and state-of-the-art sound systems blasting out electronic beats.
  • Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club: Here hosts some of Europe’s best open-air parties featuring world-class DJs and mind-blowing visual effects.

6) Split, Croatia ⛵️

Group of travellers outside Game of Thrones musuem at night, Split

Sun, swim and party - that's pretty much life sailing the inviting Adriatic Sea on Ultimate Croatia. Every night the drinks flow heavily. There’s always an excuse to get your party on, aboard the boat or at the clubs. Split is a traveller's favourite party city to dance all night long. If you haven’t heard of a Tequila boom boom, you will by the end of this trip! 

Best clubs in Split:

  • Bar Inbox: A popular bar & club with a cosy outdoor terrace, bar and dance floor so you can party under the stars.
  • Vanilla Club: Located in the heart of Split’s Old Town is the perfect club for mainstream and electronic music lovers.
  • Central Club: One of Split’s best! Known for its vibrant atmosphere and range of music genres. There’s something for everyone.

Check out the nightlife in Split on:

7) Paris, France 🍸

Eiffel Tower and blue sky in Paris, France

Not only is Paris home to the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Mona Lisa, but also vibrant nightlife. Offering something for everyone, Paris has been a partying hot spot for backpackers across the world for some time. Choose from its variety of chic cocktail bars to bustling nightclubs and cosy jazz clubs. There’s never a dull night in Paris.

Best clubs in Paris:

  • Rex Club: One of the city's hottest spots for techno and house parties. Some of the biggest DJs regularly play at this club. 
  • Wanderlust: This trendy spot has a rooftop terrace so you can sip cocktails whilst admiring the city's twinkle at night.
  • La Station: Gare des Mines: A former train station turned epic nightclub. With several DJ sets inside and out. 

Check out the nightlife in Paris on:

8) Prague, Czech Republic 🍺

Prague Old Town Square

Forget pre-drinks, you’re going on a bar crawl! It’s the best way to experience Prague’s nightlife. On our Europe group trips, your knowledgeable tour guide will take you to all the best places for a pint. Stop off at traditional pubs and bars where the Czech love their pivo (beer) so much that it will always be cheaper than water! Finish the night partying right beneath the streets of Prague, in the underground medieval city. Whilst some of this pre-13th Century world has been preserved, including the Medieval chambers hidden beneath the Astronomical Clock, other parts have been transformed into some of Prague’s best nightclubs. You should Czech them out 😉

Best spots in Prague:

  • Drunken Monkey: This underground bar is known for their legendary pub crawl. Start the night with an open bar, beer pong and new mates before hitting 3 of Prague’s best bars.
  • Karlovy Lázně: A 5-floor megaclub that’s got it all. Check out its ice bar, robot bartender and oxygen room that blows out flavoured oxygen to reduce your hangover! Plus, jaw-dropping light effects, edgy interiors and a variety of music.
  • Cross Club: Calling all drum and bass, grime and dubstep lovers, this is the club for you. 

Check out the nightlife in Prague on:

9) Rome, Italy 🍷

Trevi Fountain lit up at night in Rome, Italy

Italy’s party capital! Wander around Roman ruins by day, party hard down cobbled streets at night. You won’t believe how Rome’s wonderful charm is even more mind-blowing at night, especially when the drinks are flowing! On Italian Escape, roam around this party city and discover all the best of its unforgettable party scene.

Best spots in Rome:

  • Yellow Bar: Right beneath YellowSquare Hostel in the lively Yellow Bar which welcomes all. It’s the best place to drink and party with a group of like-minded travellers. 
  • Ex Dogana: A former customs house turned world-class venue, home to popular music gigs, concerts and DJ sets. Check out what’s on whilst you’re visiting.
  • Circolo degli Illuminati: Located near the Colosseum, is this trendy nightclub known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse music. From house and techno to hip-hop and R&B, there's something for everybody.

Check out the nightlife in Rome on:

10) Barcelona, Spain 💃

View from Park Guell over Barcelona city

If anywhere knows how to fiesta, it’s Spain. Barcelona is a party city you can’t miss. Start your evening with tapas (lots of croquettes and patatas bravas) and cocktails in the trendy neighbourhood of El Born before hitting the clubs. From Latin clubs to techno and electronic clubs, there are plenty to choose from or just see where the night takes you. What are you waiting for? Sun, sea, and sangria are calling! 

Best spots in Barcelona:

  • Razzmatazz: One of the city's largest and most iconic clubs with 5 rooms and the best DJ line-ups.
  • La Terrrazza: An open-air club on Montjuic Mountain. Dance all night long under the stars to all the best EDM, house music and techno beats.
  • Dow Jones Bar: This Instagram-famous bar is like the stock market. Drink prices change depending on how many people are buying them. Visit and grab yourself a bargain.

Check out the nightlife in Barcelona on:

11) Athens, Greece 🎉

Young people at roof top bar with view of Acropolis lit up, Athens

You may not guess it, but Greece’s capital Athens is a great destination for a night out! Expect a fun-filled night of shenanigans on Greece Summer Explorer. After spending your day delving into Roman history, wandering around the mesmerising ruins of the Acropolis and tucking into delicious Greek cuisine (yes, that means endless gyros and mouthwatering club sandwiches), it’s time for an awe-inspiring Greek sunset. It’s how most nights out begin in Greece, you just can’t beat it. Once the sun disappears, that’s your queue to start the partying. Hit the many rooftop bars, sip on cocktails and head to the clubs with your instant new mates.

Best clubs in Athens:

  • Six D.O.G.S: This trendy place does it all. It’s an all-in-one nightclub, bar, café, restaurant and garden offering a variety of events, including live music and DJ sets.
  • Boiler Room: One of the most popular nightclubs in Athens with epic music and free entry.
  • EKEI Club: In the centre of the city is Athens’s best-hidden nightclub. This two-storey venue plays all the best rap, hip-hop and R&B beats.

Check out the nightlife in Athens on:

12) Dubrovnik, Croatia 🍹

Sunset over Dubrovnik city lit up

Although a small city, Dubrovnik still knows how to party in style. Hop off your boat and head to the Old Town for a night out to remember. Dance till dawn in a medieval fortress and sip cocktails surrounded by the city's historic walls. The vibe is unmatched. Experience it with a new crew of mates on Croatia Adventure.

Best spots in Dubrovnik:

  • Revelin Culture Club: There’s no better place for a party in the heart of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. This club is tucked inside this medieval fortress. Pretty cool right?
  • Buža II: Dubrovnik’s best-hidden secret. This cliff-side bar is a little tricky to find so Google Maps will have to lead the way. Once you’ve discovered it you’ll fall in love with the stunning ocean views.
  • Lazareti: One of the best clubs in the heart of the city with great vibes and friendly people.

Check out the nightlife in Dubrovnik on:


Are you going out out? Now you are! Take a look at our Europe group trips. You will have some seriously incredible nights out with an instant group of new mates. If like us, you can’t get enough of Europe, check out our 45-day The Great European Journey tour and visit 15 countries. You’re bound to find the best party destinations.

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