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Traveller paragliding over Interlaken, Switzerland

Author Bio: Sarah Hemsley

Traveller paragliding over Interlaken, Switzerland

Sarah Hemsley

Media Marketing Assistant

I'm Sarah, the one who loves Europe. From going solo on our Ultimate Croatia trip to spending 3 months interrailing, I seriously can't get enough of the backpacker lifestyle! Now I find myself at Gap 360 editing videos and writing articles to inspire you on your travels around the world. I hope your bucket list is growing because mine definitely is. Next on my list is spotting sloths in Costa Rica!

Articles by Sarah

The Best Maldives Island for Your Travel Style

Last updated: 8th Apr 2024

Ah, the Maldives… aka paradise on earth. It’s the perfect place for all kinds of adventures. You could be getting a spa treatment one day and snorkelling near whale sharks the next. So whether you...

The 12 Best Party Destinations in Europe

Last updated: 7th Mar 2024

Europe has some legendary nightlife! We’re talking partying in thermal baths, raving in a medieval fortress and living it up on the sands of stunning islands. There’s no better place to party than the best party...

The 10 Best Beaches in South America

Last updated: 20th Feb 2024

Beach lovers, it’s time to pack your bags and fly to the best beaches of South America. Think crystal clear water, incredible sand dunes, adorable sea turtles and buzzing beach towns. Get ready for South America...

Our 12 Favourite Things To Do in Mexico

Last updated: 12th Feb 2024

With tropical Caribbean beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, mouth-watering tacos, and colourful cities bursting with rich Mexican culture, there are plenty of things to see in Mexico. It’s a traveller’s treasure trove. Here are our 12 favourite things...

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Last updated: 31st Jan 2024

Is Thailand next on your bucket list? It’s obvious to see why! With its Instagramable islands, the thriving city life and its iconic Full Moon Party, all year round it’s a backpacker's dream...

Best Places to Travel Every Month of 2024

Last updated: 18th Jan 2024

There has never been a better time to prioritise travel than right now! If you aren’t already planning your 2024 travels, this list will leave you inspired. Here’s our ultimate list for an epic year of travelling...

Thailand Full Moon Party [2024/2025]: Dates & Guide

Last updated: 2nd Jan 2024

The island of Koh Phangan is known for its epic Jungle Party, Half Moon Party, and, of course, the legendary Full Moon Party! If dancing under the moonlit sky on a tropical island surrounded by Thailand’s turquoise...

The Best Languages to Learn for Travel

Last updated: 19th Dec 2023

Learning a language is a fun way to immerse yourself in new cultures. You can get to know the locals and make your big adventure more memorable. Discover the best languages to learn before you set off around the...

The 10 Best Beaches in Australia

Last updated: 11th Dec 2023

Love a gorgeous beach? Australia is no doubt the place for you! With almost 12,000 beaches it’s the perfect destination for your bucket list for snorkelling, surfing, fishing, swimming, sailing, the list goes on! Australia’s shores are...

Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers

Last updated: 27th Nov 2023

Know someone who loves to travel? Or maybe you’re not sure what to put on your own Christmas list?  Whether they (or you) love to go backpacking around the world for endless months or prefer...

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Last updated: 15th Nov 2023

Vietnam is full of wonders, from natural beauty to vibrant cities. The best months to visit are between November - April but all year round Vietnam is incredible to visit 😍 Read on to learn more about the cheapest &...

First Time Flying Solo? Here's What to Do at the Airport

Last updated: 23rd Oct 2023

Excited for your epic adventure but nervous about flying alone? Simply follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll soon be a pro at navigating your way around any airport. Before you Leave Home Check-in Online (If You Can) Once...

Should I Travel to Africa?

Last updated: 13th Oct 2023

The short answer is absolutely yes! Africa is a continent like no other. With its unique mix of cultures, incredible wildlife safaris, and stunning natural landscapes, visiting Africa is one of life’s must-do’s. Here’s...

Sarah's Top 10 Ultimate Croatia Highlights

Last updated: 22nd Sep 2023

Croatia amazed me in so many ways, from its ancient history to its thriving nightlife. My time on our Ultimate Croatia trip was an unforgettable adventure. I got to see the best parts of stunning Croatia, including Split and Dubrovnik...