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Our 12 Favourite Things To Do in Mexico

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By Sarah Hemsley

Last updated: 12th February 2024

With tropical Caribbean beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, mouth-watering tacos, and colourful cities bursting with rich Mexican culture, there are plenty of things to see in Mexico. It’s a traveller’s treasure trove. Here are our 12 favourite things to do in Mexico.

1. Eat All The Tacos 🌮

Mexican tacos al pastor

Calling all foodies! Get you and your drooling taste buds to Mexico right now. No seriously, we mean right now. There's no better place for delicious Mexican cuisine than in the heart of Mexico. With tonnes of Mexican food tours and street food stalls, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Tuck into mouth-watering tacos al pastor by day and shot authentic tequila by night. Indulge your taste buds as you journey through Mexico to Costa Rica.

2. Wander around Mayan Ruins 👀

Traveller stood in front of Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza

Way back around 2500 B.C., the ancient Mayan people moved to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and began to build impressive stone cities. Today, many of these Mayan cities are standing strong, including Palenque, Chicanna & Chichen Itza - one of the greatest Mayan cities of all time! This comes as no surprise, seeing as it’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Backpackers from all over the globe come to walk the grounds of Mayan history and marvel at the iconic Pyramid of Kukulkan. Standing 24 meters tall it’s an impressive sacred site not to miss. Visit during sunset to watch the sun cast a shadow of a giant serpent creeping down its jagged stone steps.

3. Swim in Underwater Cenotes 🏊

Traveller floating in fresh water of cenote

A trip to Mexico isn’t complete without a dip in the fresh waters of a natural limestone cave. It’s home to over 6,000 of the world's cenotes, and considering there are only 7,000 on the planet, Mexico is the best place for it! Each one is uniquely different but the hidden cenotes of Tulum are our favourite. On our Mexico Adventure group tour, you’ll find yourself flying through the cave and plunging into the crystal-clear waters below. It’s like diving into an underground portal to a mystical world. You will be in awe.

4. Sip Margaritas on the beach 🏝️

Sunset view at sandy Mexican beach

Our next favourite thing to do in Mexico is, of course, relax on Mexican beaches. The East Coast is home to some of Mexico’s most dazzling beaches, particularly Tulum. Picture pure white sands, pristine palm trees and jaw-dropping crystal clear waters, Tulum beaches are a dream. Just along the Riviera Maya, a few miles north, is the stunning Playa del Carmen. It’s a beach lover's favourite spot to sip on classic margaritas and watch the blissful waves crash against the fine sands. Begin your Central America Journey at Playa del Carmen before heading south for more stunning natural landscapes.

5. Sail Bacalar Lagoon 🚤

Boat on crystal clear waters of Bacalar Lagoon

Don’t miss a boat trip on Southern Mexico’s most beautiful lake. Sail around this pure paradise with waters in every shade of blue. From unbelievably crystal clear waters to the sapphire deep blue depths, it’s called the ‘Lake of Seven Colours’ for a reason. Bacalar Lagoon is a mind-blowing gem with some of the warmest and purest waters in the Caribbean. Take a dip on our Ultimate Mexico group tour.

6. Live La Vida Loca in Mexico City 💃

Three travellers by colourful art gallery in Mexico City

Mexico City will steal your heart. From the moment you start your Mexico Adventure in the vibrant colourful streets, you won’t want to catch your flight home. Mexico City has it all: fascinating history, authentic culture, friendly people, delicious food, thriving nightlife, the list goes on! There are so many things to do in the heart of Mexico’s capital. Learn about Mexican culture at its many art and history museums, watch an entertaining lucha libre (professional wrestling) match, or even hit the shops for some Mexican souvenirs. The locals will welcome you into the city with open arms. 

7. Experience Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 💀

Colourfully painted sugar skulls

Mexico’s Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival is a beautiful celebration of life and a core part of Mexican culture. On the 1st or 2nd of November, families across Mexico remember their passed-on loved ones. They gift colourfully painted sugar skulls to one another and fill the streets with traditional folk music, dance and everything else that brings this day to life. 

8. Spot Flocks of Pink Flamingos 🦩

Pink flamingos in water at Isla Holbox islands with sunset

You’re thinking ‘Mexico has pink flamingos?’ well, yes, it does! The stunning Pasion Island is the seasonal home to flocks of them! On Ultimate Mexico, you’ll take a boat ride around the Isla Holbox islands and spot the flamboyance of these much-loved pink feathered creatures pondering in the turquoise waters. As you cruise around, wave to them from your boat. Who knows, you may make amigos with the flamingos! 👋 

9. Embark to Canyon of Sumidero 🪨

Group of travellers on boat trip through Canyon of Sumidero

Think lush green jungles, tumbling waterfalls and impressive hidden caves, Sumidero Canyon National Park has got it all. On Mexico Adventure, hop on a boat and feel the breeze rushing through your hair as you bounce along the waters of this natural spectacular. From every angle, you’ll see a breathtaking view to admire.  It truly is one of the most stunning sights in the Chiapas region. Wildlife lovers, you’ll surely spot endangered river crocodiles, spider monkeys and seriously adorable ocelots (worth a Google if you love wild cats). 

10. Taste Tequila in Oaxaca 🧂🍋

Street in

There are many things to do in Oaxaca including visiting its historic buildings to the world’s widest tree, but it’s mostly well-known for being the birthplace of mescal. A beverage made from the succulent plant agave. Tequila is the most famous Mescal distilled from a specific species of this native plant. So be sure to have a taste of this authentic Mexican spirit in one of Oaxaca’s many bars. Mix it in a Margarita or shot it with salt and lime, the choice is yours.

11. Chase Lush Waterfalls 💦

Bright blue waterfall at Agua Azul, Mexico

Escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and make your way to this natural wonderland at Agua Azul. Nestled between lush jungle woodlands, this spectacular series of waterfalls is a natural beauty. Its pure water is famous for its bright blue hue. The water spurs from the Xanil River which stretches through southern Mexico for 30km (18 miles). On Mexico Adventure, take a dip and watch in awe as foamy cascades thunder into the pool of fresh water surrounding you.

12. Visit the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco 🥭

Colourful Floating Gardens on Xochimilco canal

Close by Oaxaca is the colourful neighbourhood of Xochimilco, also known as the Venice of Mexico. It’s famous for its floating gardens named chinampas that attract a lot of visitors. The friendly locals built these reed rafts to ship fruit and veg into Mexico City via the canals. Today, it’s a recognised world UNESCO site and one you should absolutely add to your list.


Mexico still has so much more. We could seriously make an endless list of things to do in Mexico, but we know you just can’t wait to see it for yourself. Check out one of our Mexico group tours. Venture around this incredible country, eating all the tacos and ticking these bucket list favourites with a group of new amigos.

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