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Supertree Grove lit up at night in Singapore

Singapore Travel Guide

A dynamic city-state that offers a blend of modernity and cultural richness. Explore the iconic Gardens by the Bay, where magnificent Supertrees and vibrant flower domes create a stunning landscape. Indulge in shopping along Orchard Road, home to luxurious boutiques and bustling malls. Immerse yourself in the vibrant neighbourhoods of Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Glam, where you can savour delicious street food and browse through vibrant markets. Discover the city's world-class museums, such as the National Gallery and the Asian Civilizations Museum, which showcase Singapore's history and artistic treasures. With its efficient transportation and welcoming atmosphere, Singapore offers a modern and culturally diverse travel experience.

Visit the iconic Marina Bay Sands, where you can take in breathtaking views from the rooftop infinity pool. Explore the Singapore River and admire colonial-era buildings. Indulge in the diverse cuisine at the vibrant hawker centers, and savour local delicacies like Hainanese chicken rice and chilli crab. Nature lovers can find solace in the lush green spaces of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Singapore's fusion of cultures and commitment to innovation make it an exciting destination for cultural discovery and a taste of the good life.

Key Facts

Time Zone



Singapore Dollar (SGD)

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  • Everything is close by so you really can see it all in Singapore!
  • It’s a really clean, safe destination with some of the best slick city shopping you could ask for
  • It’s a great way to sample all the cultures of Asia in one fell swoop!
  • It’s the perfect stop-off on a round-the-world gap trip, or for travellers wanting to go onwards to Australia or New Zealand 
  • The climate is warm for most of the year

Singapore is so small, the country is in effect dominated by the capital, Singapore City.  Most of the activity happens in this vibrant, buzzing city and there’s so much to offer the traveller looking for a modern vibe with a cultural twist. 

  • Don’t miss a night safari at the world-famous Singapore Zoo, where you can see animals from every continent peer out at you from the dark; it’s an experience you’ll never forget!
  • every continent peer out at you from the dark; it’s an experience you’ll never forget! Head to Little India, which does exactly what it says on the tin!  With spicy aromas wafting through streets full of shops, you’ll be transported to Mumbai in a heartbeat
  • When you’re tired of India, head to Chinatown for another dimension of Asia.  Check out the temples and crack out your chopsticks for a glimpse of Chinese culture
  • Go wild with your credit card on Orchard Road; home to all the best shops in the world!
  • Feel elegant for an afternoon as you take tea in Raffles Hotel
  • Make sure you try a Singapore Sling in a hotel roof bar for a fabulous view over the city at night
  • Chill out in the Botanic Gardens and feel all Zen amongst the greenery
  • Take a cable car to marvel at the adventure playground that is Sentosa Island; it’s kitsch heaven! 
  • Head down to Clarke Quay and try the delicious satay from a street stall 

Food is one of the main reasons for coming to Singapore; with influences from every Asian culture, you will be spoilt for choice in Singapore.  If you are inspired by Indian cuisine, head to Little India for a mouth-watering curry, or you can munch on satay street food at Clarke Quay or get your chopsticks out in Chinatown.  Make a meal of some Malay cuisine, or have a burst of flavour from some Balinese treats; whatever you are looking for, Singapore will indulge your taste buds until you’ve had your fill.  With western influences around too, you won’t have to go far to get a familiar meal if you’re missing a taste of home. 

Singapore has a hot and wet climate for most of the year, rarely falling below 20°C and often reaching around 30°C during the day. Humidity is high throughout the year but being a modern city, everywhere is air-conditioned, even the buses, so you won’t melt in the heat for long if you don’t want to. November to January are the wettest months, with the driest being May to July. 


Visas may be required in order to enter or transit through certain countries depending on your passport nationality, your reason for travel and how long you intend to stay.

Visa, passport and entry rules are subject to change and you should check the most up-to-date information from the relevant embassy or visa specialist.

To make things easier we have teamed up with The Travel Visa Company who are one of the UK’s leading travel visa specialists. You can use their website, alongside embassy websites,  to find out the specific entry requirements for the countries you intend to travel to.

For a fee, their dedicated team of experts can also apply for visas on your behalf, taking away the hassle and streamlining the process for you if you wish. For more details on the services they provide please click here – The Travel Visa Company


Passports must be kept in good condition. Travellers with damaged passports may be refused entry at immigration. It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that all travel documents are in good condition before they travel. Most countries will also require at least 6 months of validity on your passport from the time you finish your trip.

Further Entry Requirements

Some countries will require proof of certain vaccines, such as yellow fever or covid, in order to gain entry. Please check with the relevant embassy or a visa specialist before travelling.

Official languages in Singapore are English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin) and Tamil, but due to the high proportion of settlers from across Asia, there are many other dialects spoken in Singapore. 

The electricity supply in Singapore is 230V and they use type G plug points, the same as in the UK. 

With a diverse range of cultures mixing in Singapore’s melting pot, there will be different cultural considerations depending on which area of the city you are in. In general, Singapore has a traditional hierarchical Asian culture and respect for elders, modesty and good behaviour are expected.

Singapore is hot on rules and regulations, and you can be fined for chewing gum, littering, smoking or jaywalking.  Homosexuality is still not widely tolerated. Drink driving is heavily clamped down upon and drugs and drug use are not tolerated and may incur severe penalties. 


There have been a few incidents of Dengue Fever in Singapore, which is spread by mosquitoes, so taking anti-malarial precautions is advised. Visit your GP before travel for specific advice and medication. If you are entering Singapore from a country that has Yellow Fever you will need to produce a yellow fever certificate on entry to the country. There have been some incidents of Scarlet Fever during 2011, but this is usually a mild infection. Healthcare in Singapore is of a very high standard so if you do need healthcare, you’ll be in good hands. 


Singapore is a well-policed and very safe destination and incidents of crime are rare, although take all sensible precautions with your money and belongings. As with all of this area of Asia, there are possibilities of terrorism but the risk to tourists is low. Be aware of the drug laws and the severe punishments drug offences can incur. 

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