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Traveller looking across Peyto Lake in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies

Top Travel Trends for 2024

Traveller in Nice in the South of France

By Caitlin Spouge

Last updated: 29th November 2023

Get ahead of next year's travel trends! Find out what’s popular in 2024, from the best travel experiences to the top destinations. With a growing desire for authentic experiences and new adventures, find out why group travel is becoming a popular way to tick off your bucket list! 

We’ve matched up the top travel and tourism trends with amazing destinations you should visit next year. Skip the FOMO and get ready to spam your Instagram story with the dreamiest spots. This is where to travel in 2024.

For Authentic Experiences… 

With a growing desire from travellers to immerse themselves in the countries they are travelling in, it is becoming increasingly popular to get off the beaten track. Whilst the top cities and spots remain high on travel lists, it is important for those wanting to truly experience a country that they spend time diversifying their trip off the typical tourist trail. 

With the rise of TravelTok, it is easier than ever to discover hidden gems. Whether a traveller wants to find a lesser-known waterfall and soak up tranquil nature, or support an important community project, there are so many ways you can make a real connection with the destination. 

For travellers wanting authentic experiences, a group trip truly is an amazing way to mix trending spots with getting off the beaten track. 


Traveller in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Even Vietnam’s bustling cities are packed full of culture and unique, authentic experiences! Vietnam and Sa Pa Discovery is the perfect mix of iconic spots and hidden gems. As you tick off Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll get to play a round of da cau, Vietnam’s national sport that is often referred to as ‘foot badminton’, with a local team. As you cruise the famous Ha Long Bay, you’ll also escape the typical tourist trail. Travel North to Bai Tu Long for kayaking and floating villages. What really makes this trip special is trekking in Sa Pa, staying with local families, eating delicious food and soaking up the Vietnamese countryside. 


Local lady in Ccaccaccollo working at a weaving co-op, Peru

When you think of Peru, you likely think of the incredible Machu Picchu. Tackling the Inca Trail should be on any adventure traveller's bucket list, especially if you love hiking and want to challenge yourself. Something that is equally captivating about Peru is the local people you will meet. On Peru Adventure, you will have a local guide who can give you the best insight into the area. Travellers will visit the village of Ccaccaccollo and support a women’s weaving co-op, empowering local women and bringing back the weaving tradition to provide a way for the community to make an income. Visiting community projects like this not only allows travellers to enjoy authentic experiences but also supports sustainable travel. 


Traveller learning in a traditional Kendo Class in Japan

Those looking to travel to Japan will be searching to experience Japan’s unique culture, exploring the enchanting fusion of the traditional and the modern. Journey Through Japan offers just that and more. You’ll tick off the most stunning temples and get a glimpse of Mount Fuji, as well as experience loads of one-of-a-kind inclusions. Stay in a traditional Japanese temple, and learn the art of the sword with a kendo class led by a descendant of a Japanese Samurai. 

For Wild Swimming… 

Travellers wild swimming in Ville d'Anaunia, Italy

Over the past few years, the phenomenon of wild swimming has become incredibly popular. In an attempt to log off and reconnect with nature, wild swimming is considered a form of meditation as you empty your mind and focus on your breathing and the water. Cold water plunges go hand in hand with the phenomenon (unsurprisingly, submerging yourself in wild lakes is usually quite chilly). Cold water has positive impacts on both your mental and physical health.

As a result, trends in tourism show that destinations with the best wild swimming spots are growing in popularity. These are some of the best spots to visit abroad if you want to experience some amazing wild swimming spots, which are also in pretty incredible surroundings. 


Traveller kayaking in Lagoon in El Nido, the Philippines

Of course, the Philippines is perfect for swimming in the dreamy ocean and snorkelling majestic coral reefs! It is so therapeutic to dive into the blue waters and spot incredible marine life. You’ll also swim with the beautiful Moalboal Sardine Run. Away from ocean swimming, it is a haven for wild swimming, with incredible freshwater lakes and waterfalls you won’t be able to resist. On Philippines Paradise Islands, your days will be spent island hopping endless tropical spots and spending more time in the water than on the land! 

New Zealand

View from boat trip through Milford Sound in New Zealand

Plunge into the icy cold waters of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown and feel revitalised in the geothermal pools of Kerosene Creek in Rotorua. Travelling New Zealand will constantly take your breath away - with mountains, fjords and glaciers to discover at every turn. Why not rent a campervan and map out your own adventure? Enjoy the freedom of the open road with our Campervan Hire New Zealand

For Bucket List Adventures…

Travel and tourism trends show backpackers continue to be as adventurous as ever! Those looking for something away from the average holiday are becoming more keen to tick off their long bucket list in style. Young travellers are becoming more enthusiastic about spending their 20s outside of their comfort zone and challenging themselves with new adventures. Career breaks are becoming more popular as a result. The mantra of living to work is long gone among Gen Z, with the desire to work to live a more prominent lifestyle. 


Travellers in game drive vehicle on a safari in Tanzania, Africa

Wildlife lovers are sure to be dreaming about spotting the Big 5 up close on safaris in Africa. This is easier than ever on The Great African Journey, a 55-day trip that involves camping in the wilderness and exploring vast landscapes like never before. Find out why Serengeti National Park is so iconic and trek deep into the Ugandan jungle to see a family of wild gorillas. One of the many amazing things about this trip is can be split into different modules to suit your time, budget, and bucket list. 

South America 

Travellers in 4x4 vehicles in Salar de Uyuni exploring the Salt Flats in Bolivia

Recent years have shown a boom in tourism in South America. With travellers always searching for something new and exciting, there is so much to experience when backpacking South America! The South American Journey whizzes through 7 different countries in 65 unforgettable days and the bucket list adventures are endless. Tackle the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, journey across the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, and see Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. 

Sri Lanka 

Asian elephant spotted in Udawalawe national park in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock, the train journey to Ella, Nine Arch Bridge and Udawalawe National Park - the iconic spots in Sri Lanka go on and on. This tropical island gem offers diverse wildlife, rolling hills and scenic views. Sri Lanka Intro is the perfect introduction to this destination, with accommodations including eco-retreats and riverside glampsites, and exciting inclusions such as a surf lesson and safaris. 

Destination Dupes

Heard of dupes? Well, now we’ve got destination dupes! These are more affordable alternatives to popular destinations. It is likely you’ve heard the phrase “The Hawaii of Europe” flying around. We’ve put together some destination dupes of our own. 

Swap Thailand for Laos 

Waterfall in Laos, Asia

Maybe you’ve explored Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and want to see more of South East Asia. Laos is an up-and-coming destination! Explore Buddhist temples and jungles in Luang Prabang, and unlock a world of outdoor activities in Vang Vieng. With low-cost accommodation, food and adventures, Laos is ideal for experiencing more of Asia’s amazing culture on a budget.

Swap Colombia for Ecuador 

Landscape of colonial architecture with mountains in the background in Quito, Ecuador

If you love the idea of travelling to Central America, Ecuador is a lesser-known alternative to popular Colombia! Adventure colourful towns and the amazing Amazon rainforest. From historic cities to a picturesque coast and vast biodiversity, you can even hop over to the one-and-only Galapagos Islands. 

Swap Australia East Coast for West Coast 

Kangaroos on Lucky Bay, Western Australia

There’s no arguing that the Aussie East Coast is an unbeatable backpacker hub. The West Coast is also growing in popularity, with Lucky Bay argued as the best beach in the world and adorable quokkas on Rottnest Island. If you’re looking for something a little more tranquil, discover Perth, Margaret River, Exmouth, and more. 

Swap South Africa for Tanzania 

Travellers in safari vehicles looking at the Great Wilderbeest Migration in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Explore more of amazing Africa and experience endless wildlife. Serengeti National Park is unmissable, where you can spot the Big 5 on memorable safaris.  Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest volcanic caldera in the world. The crater is also brimming with vast wildlife. Soak up tropical paradise on Zanzibar Island’s white sands and crystal clear waters. 

Swap USA for Canada 

Traveller exploring the Candian Rockies, Canada

An American road trip to Canada is out of this world! As you tick off the Canadian Rockies with Banff and Jasper, discover breathtaking glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Embark on the best hikes of your life, Canada is perfect for nature lovers and has many camping spots to enjoy. Canada is also a great destination for a Working Holiday, with vibrant cities and the opportunity to work a ski season. 

Swap Switzerland for Lake Bled 

Scenic view across Lake Bled in Slovenia

An affordable alternative to Switzerland, offering equally insane views! Lake Bled has a wholesome, small-town feel you can’t help but fall in love with. Located in Slovenia, Lake Bled is perfect to escape the city on a Europe adventure or for a short, tranquil getaway. Get an extraordinary view of the lake from Mala Osojnica, a 1-hour hike that is more than worth it. The blue waters are extra inviting in the summer and you can paddle board, kayak or swim for the best experience. 

Group Travel

Group of travellers on a group tour, stopping off at Khao Sok National to stay in floating bungalows in Thailand

Group travel is a very popular way to explore the world and is a growing trend in tourism. Young travellers are realising that joining a group trip is a great way to fit in all the highlights, plus get off the beaten track with added safety. Group travel gives solo travellers the confidence to travel, exploring with a ready-made group of friends and an itinerary packed full of new adventures, without having to spend hours planning. 

If you want to find out more about travel in 2024, get in contact with one of our friendly travel advisors. Escape the UK winter, or start planning your summer holiday now. Travel is ready to be even better next year. 

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