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Pink cherry blossom next to a temple in South Korea

Cherry Blossoms in South Korea [2024]: When & Where to See

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By Amelia Bristow

Last updated: 23rd February 2024

Cherry blossoms are one of the most iconic features of South Korea and Japan and are a total must-see. It transforms the traditional settings into a dreamlike painting. Korean cherry blossoms are symbolic in their culture, meaning time of renewal and representing Spring. The beauty of this season is that it is temporary and not always guaranteed at the same time each year. The timing of the season makes it extra spectacular for when you travel during peak bloom!

Although Japan is famously known for its cherry blossom season, the bloom in South Korea is just as good, if not better! It is simply the best time to explore South Korea, so here is your guide for when to visit with our cherry blossom forecast. From dates to blossom festivals, we have it covered for you to book your trip and be amazed at the views of cherry trees this Spring. 

Expected 2024 Blooming Dates for Cherry Blossoms in South Korea

Destination Dates of Blossom
Seoul 3rd of April
Chuncheon 7th of April
Gangneung 31st of March
Jeju Island 24th of March
Jinhae-gu 20th of March
Gyeongju 27th of March
Hwagae 22nd of March
Busan 22nd of March
Jeonju 29th of March

Please note: due to unpredictable weather, the dates of the South Korean cherry blossom can vary and change. Any weather such as heavy rain, frost or strong winds can cause the blossom to drop earlier than expected.

2023 Blooming Dates for Cherry Blossoms in South Korea

Destination Dates of Blossom
Seoul 28th March
Chuncheon 6th of April
Gangneung 31st of March
Jeju Island 20th of March
Jinhae-gu 21st of March
Gyeongju 24th of March
Hwagae 21st of March
Busan 24th of March
Jeonju 22nd of March


Best Locations to See Cherry Blossoms in South Korea

Cherry blossom next to temple in South Korea

So now you know the best time to book your trip, the next question is where to go in South Korea. Your choice is varied than several places to pick from to see the stunning cherry blossom. From Seoul to Jeju Island, you’ll have the choice of where to go based on the landscapes and other activities you’d love to do while you’re there!

Jeju Island 

Person on bike in the road filled with cherry blossom in Jeju Island

This fantastic island is the perfect paradise to visit for the bloom of the cherry trees. It is a popular destination for Koreans to go on vacation due to its white beaches and volcanic landscapes. Travellers looking to avoid a cityscape, this is the place for you! 


Jinhae-gu is a district in Changwon and has many attractions to see, like the river and the famous train station.  However, it is known for its cherry blossom festival! Mountains surround this city and are covered in pine trees, making the landscapes quite spectacular next to the abundance of blossom. 

Seoul (Gyeongbokgung Palace) 

Gyeongbokgung Palace blossom in Seoul

What is better than to visit the capital of South Korea? Seeing the most beautiful palace during the best time of the year - blooming season. The cherry trees drape over the lake, giving the most picturesque view for visitors. Plus, after touring around for the day, you can head back out to the streets of Seoul to explore some more! Check out our Best of South Korea trip to visit Seoul and other destinations during the breathtaking bloom and make the most of your trip.


Gyeongju blossom with a lady standing on a bridge taking a photo

This city is known for its endless historical sites on every corner you turn. Gyeongju is often called the ‘open museum’ city of Korea. Gyeongju has the most historical sites and artefacts than any other city in Korea, making it have a rich heritage. Our trip to South Korea Adventure includes a 2-night stay in Gyeongju, where you can explore this fantastic city. This city is the ideal place for you to visit if you love a historical-filled trip!

Nami Island (Chuncheon)

Nami Island is a quiet paradise in the middle of the river. It's filled with picture-perfect spots for travellers to capture photos or soak up the natural beauty. This sweet island is perfect for couples on a romantic getaway with a charming atmosphere. The best way to access Nami Island is a shuttle ferry from Chuncheon, which is quite popular. Many say to arrive earlier to avoid the crowds and enjoy the island to yourselves!

Cherry Blossom Festivals in South Korea

Cherry blossom festival in South Korea with people walking along the road

Jinhae Gunhangje Festival

March 22nd until April 5th

Walk along this picturesque town and admire the pink blossoms on the cherry trees. See the iconic sights of Yeojwacheon Stream and stroll along the old railway of Gyeonghwa Station. Listen to the excited bustle of this city as everyone is here to see the arrival of Spring. Sit back and enjoy the cultural and military performances as well!

Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival

April 6th to April 8th

This festival is considered the largest cherry blossom festival in Korea! Take in the surreal scenes of the fluffy blossom filling the streets. Follow along Hwagae Stream towards the Ssanggyeosa Temple for the ultimate experience of this Spring season. Why not pack a picnic and sit under a cherry tree for the feel of the beautiful blossom atmosphere? 

Yeouido Spring Flower Festival in Seoul

April 1st until April 15th

The Yeoudio festival is in Seoul, and the festival has no admission fee, so you can enjoy the blossom wherever and whenever you want during the bloom period. Some roads close for the festival, so people fill out the streets to walk, see the blossom and have picnics. Even artists come out to the streets and offer to draw portraits of people! 

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival in Seoul

April 5th until April 9th

This location is truly spectacular to visit, as this park has two lakes surrounded by beautiful blossoms. The park is hugely popular with tourists and residents of the city. Talk a stroll along the pathways that loop around the lakes. During your trip to Seokchon Lake, there is a lot to do, as you can also visit the Seoul Sky Observatory and the Lotte World Adventure. Be sure to arrive early in the morning or visit during the weekdays to avoid large crowds!

Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival at Seogwipo

March 24th until March 26th

If you want the larger cherry blossoms in South Korea, then Jeju is the place for you. Jeju Island is filled with King Cherry blossoms, making it a larger-than-life experience! The best part of the event is the Cherry Blossom Road, where visitors can walk and enjoy the music. It is one magical atmosphere to experience whilst taking in the views of the island itself! It just keeps getting better and better!

Jeonju Maisan Cherry Blossom Festival

April 4th until April 11th

The Jeonju Maisan festival is ideal for those who love adventures and hikes! This gorgeous cherry blossom festival is in the Southwest province of South Korea. Along the hiking trail of Maisan Mountain, the paths are filled with blossom, creating a tunnel to walk through. Afterwards, head over to Jeonju Hanok Village to admire the stunning traditional streets in this blossom fairytale and eat some of the best Korean food! 

So now you know the best places and festivals to visit for cherry blossoms in South Korea. With different types of destinations, you have options for how you want your Spring trip to look. Keep an eye out on this article for updates on the blooming dates of cherry trees.

Our Korean trips are the best way for travellers to visit this fantastic destination stress-free during this dreamlike time. The Ultimate South Korea trip would be ideal for anyone as it tours all the iconic spots, ensuring you’ll see the cherry blossom in Korea wherever you are at the time. You’ll stunned by the beauty of the blossom and will fall in love with South Korea.

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