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Mates Rates - Up to 100% Off!!

Mates Rates are here!

The bigger the group the bigger the discount so get on and get that group chat started!

All mates rates bookings must be made over the phone, give us a call on 01892 527392 and we'll sort everything out, all you've got to do is decide which mates to take with you!

Share the love by splitting your savings with the rest of your mates (we'll do this unless you request otherwise!).

Here's the important bit - if you want to make the most of Mates Rates, let us know BEFORE you book. You can still pay separately.=

All the details can be found here.


Croc Deal

Bring 2 mates
You get 10% off

Frog Deal

Bring 3 mates
You get 28% off

Toucan Deal

Bring 11+ mates
You go FREE!



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