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Scuba diver underwater with fish, inspecting a pink anenome

Top Ten Tips: Scuba Diving

Scuba pro, Polly, the founder of our 'Dive and Marine Conservation' project in Belize, has dived over 5000 times (told you she was a pro!). We love scuba diving here at Gap 360, but admittedly, it can be a little bit difficult at first, so Polly's kindly given us a few tips on how we can perfect our diving skills. Cheers, Polly!

  1. “Treat your air like you would a good drink, sip it slowly!” Remember to breathe!  Breathe like you do when you are sleeping-  long, slow breathes.  Breathe in slowly and when you breathe out, breathe out a bit at a time.
  2. Check your equipment, make sure that it is streamlined and it fits you properly.  If you are comfortable you are more relaxed!
  3. Buoyancy control, good breathing will help with buoyancy.  Relax, take it easy and take your time.
  4. Make sure you are weighted down properly.  If you are overweight, you are using too much energy to keep off the bottom and if you are underweight you are fighting to keep down!  If your legs are hanging down and you are ‘cycling’ you need to drop some weights.  If your legs are pointing up and you are struggling to stay down, you need to add some weight.  Only ever add or lose 2lb (1kg) at a time.  Make sure your weights are evenly distributed on your weight belt.
  5. Streamline yourself, move in a horizontal position and keep those arms still (we know it's hard to resist!).  You do not need your arms to move while diving.
  6. Do not overexert yourself.  Move deliberately and slowly, diving is a relaxing occupation it is not a race!
  7. Do not fight nature!  Plan your dives so you do not swim against currents.  If there is a surge, play with it and enjoy it, do not fight it!  When you are surged forward kick.  When you are surged back, relax.
  8. Adopt the frog kick and glide method of swimming.  You will conserve energy.  Think about it- kick and glide, kick and glide!
  9. If you have a camera, take your time.  Relax, move slowly, and do not chase the marine life.  They will run away!
  10. Did I say, relax?! Relax, relax, relax!

Happy diving!


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