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The Best Ways to Earn Money During your Travels

What’s your ultimate dream job? Pro chocolate taster? Lie-in specialist? How about getting paid to travel? Imagine spending your days in an exotic location, swimming in sparkling seas and soaking up the glorious sunshine – and all the while the money just keeps on rolling in. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

In fact, this paradise scenario is a very achievable dream. Travelling and earning money is a real possibility, and much easier than you think!

Here is our guide to the best jobs that allow you to work during your travels!

Bar Work

Lady pouring a beer in a pub

A bar job is one of the easiest forms of employment to pick up while you are travelling. Pubs and bars are always looking for temporary staff, especially in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, where employers rely on working holiday travellers. Pull a few pints, wipe a few tables, and then hit the beach. There are worse ways to make a living!


Lady watching a student write on paper in a classroom

As an English speaker, you already have a massive advantage in the job market. English teachers are in demand the world over, and you can make good money helping foreign learners perfect their language skills. We have fantastic paid teaching programmes in Thailand and China, which include the much-in-demand TEFL qualification, which allows you to teach in schools all across the globe!


A lady at a computer browsing the internet

Working in a hostel is a classic way for backpackers to make a bit of money while they’re away. In every hostel you stay in, you’ll likely encounter a fellow backpacker behind reception. If you’re short on cash, its always worth asking your hostel whether there are any jobs going, so long as your visa allows you to work in the country you are visiting.


Man sitting at a table using a laptop

If you’re tech and social media savvy, there’s money to be made in travel blogging! Advertising and sponsored posts can be a big earner – you just need to drum up enough followers in the first place! Luck, patience and Wi-Fi connection required!

Au Pair

A lady hugging two young girls

If you have enough childcare experience under your belt, you could be eligible to become an Au Pair abroad! Our USA Au Pair programme connects you with host families in America who are looking for childcare. You could earn up to $10,000 per year, and your flights will be paid for. Ideal!


Ranch Work

If you love being in the great outdoors, a ranch job is the perfect way to make money. Workers are needed to drove cattle and operate agricultural machinery, and most jobs include accommodation. Our Ranch Work programme includes a 5-day Ranch Training Course that sets you up with all the farm skills you need and guarantees you a paid job at the end of it. Not bad!

A man chainsaws a log while people watch

Live the dream - get paid to travel! Find out more about our paid work abroad options here.

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