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Here at Gap 360 we have designed our very own, tailor-made round-the-world trips - we call them 360s. Our 360 trips offer the ideal combination of amazing destinations and our most popular programmes abroad. Our 360 trips include incredible activities such as paid work, adventure, volunteering and much more. If you want to go global on your gap year, then our 360 round-the-world trips offer it all and then some!

All of our awesome 360 round-the-world adventures are fully flexible and customisable. You can add in or take out any of our programmes and destinations to suit your own travel tick list, or you can even build your own trip entirely from scratch. Don't settle for seeing a small corner of the world, see and do it all on an incredible 360 adventure. Explore the world on our exciting 360 trips!

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See the world on a 360 global trip!

Go global on your gap year!

Our bestselling 360 trip is our epic Global 360. We’ve packed it full of our favourite programmes and adventures in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, and it includes paid work in Australia too! If you want to visit the same destinations but in a shorter round-the-world trip without paid work, check out our Mini Global 360.

Paid work around the world

If paid work is top of your travel priorities, our Travel & Earn 360 is the perfect package. Kicking off with a 4-week fun tour in Thailand, this 360 package also includes paid work and travel experiences in Australia and New Zealand – awesome!

Backpacking around the world

Want to see the world on a shoestring? Our Budget Backpacker 360 offers the ideal round-the-world adventure, plus it won't break the bank! Designed for the independent backpacker, you can explore the world within a low budget.

The ultimate South African experience

Don't miss our South Africa Wild Adventure in stunning South Africa. This 360 package is perfect for animal lovers, as it includes loads of wildlife adventures, including conservation work and volunteer time in wildlife sanctuaries. It also includes safari adventures, a road trip and volunteering with kids in Cape Town for an all-in South African experience!

See the world with our unique 360 packages!

Up to 12 months or longer

Explore the world & even earn money as you go on this awesome 360 trip for the budget backpacker! Explore Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA on this round-the-world adventure!

from £2,289

Up to 12 months or longer

Fund your travels by working abroad: See the globe on a shoestring, and pay your way with amazing jobs Down Under. The ultimate gold-digging gap year!

from £2,829

9-14 weeks

See the best of Asia with this incredible package trip! Explore Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali, and discover gorgeous landscapes and cultural delights. Add in China and the Philippines to really make the most of your Asian adventure!

from £3,689

Up to 12 months or longer

Our amazing Global 360 trip is packed with all our favourite programmes! Choose from two awesome round-the-world packages or design your own Global 360 and add in your dream destinations or activities.

from £4,339

8 or 10 weeks

Go wild in South Africa on this incredible 360 combo trip, including an African wild adventure, a breathtaking road trip, community volunteering in Cape Town and wonderful wildlife sanctuary projects!

from £2,589

10-14 weeks

Choose our pocket-sized Mini Global 360 trip, the perfect round-the-world package packed with amazing trips in Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA!

from £3,949

4 months or longer

Tick off four continents on this unforgettable globe-trotting experience! Look after wildlife in South Africa, get adventurous in Thailand, go beach-hunting in Australia, explore stunning landscapes in New Zealand and enjoy an unforgettable American road trip – all in one incredible package!

from £5,969

20 weeks or longer

Travel the whole world with this incredible package trip! Tick off South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Brazil - you’ll have seen and done it all!

from £6,489

31 days or longer

Discover the best of North and South America on this fantastic combo tour!

Feel the buzz in New York and Washington, explore the great American outdoors, see the incredible Niagara Falls, and hang out in Toronto and Montreal. Then take in lively cities, isolated villages and gorgeous beaches in South America! 

from £3,329

97 days or longer

Spend 3 months journeying through Central and South America! Explore eleven incredible countries, including Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil, and trek the legendary Inca Trail! 

from £7,309