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Paid Jobs New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the top destinations to find paid work abroad, and it's not difficult to understand why! With a wide range of paid jobs, good wages, an English-speaking culture, exciting activities and awesome landscapes, New Zealand is a popular place to combine gap travel with paid work.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

To be eligible to do paid work in New Zealand you'll first need to obtain a working holiday visa. This is granted to those aged between 18 and 30 and can be applied for online. It's your perfect pass to find paid jobs in this incredible country!

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New Zealand wages

The average wage in New Zealand is NZD15-16 an hour, so you can earn money and start saving towards all those amazing adventure activities you won't want to miss in this exciting country!

New Zealand paid work packages

The best way in to the New Zealand job market is to sign up for a paid work package, which combines fun activities with job support and advice. Our Absolute NZ Jobs package is our most popular New Zealand work programme: Enjoy 7 days of fun and adventure in Auckland and the Bay of Islands and then get help finding the perfect paid job. With access to an exclusive jobs database and 12 months of job support and advice on tap, this jobs package offers you a brilliant way to kick start your New Zealand job hunt!

Flexible date change! Absolute NZ Jobs

Absolute NZ Jobs

9 days to 12 months from £899