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Original Volunteering

Don't follow the crowd on your gap year, turn your hand to some original volunteering opportunities abroad and dare to do something different. As original volunteer opportunities are more widely available than ever before, there's no limit to what you can try on your gap year if you're prepared to stand out, not be a sheep!

Original animal antics

If you're looking to have some animal adventures on your gap year, or go wild with the wonderful wildlife, there are some truly original volunteer programs on offer for all you animal lovers out there! South Africa has some sensational programs that offer original volunteering at its very best. Make your mark at monkey rehab and care for these cute and cuddly apes in their own environment. Or how about getting up close to some captivating big cats? Join an original volunteering programme working with big cats in South Africa, so you do good with a difference.
Enjoy original volunteering on your gap year

Marine madness

Original doesn't even begin to cover it when you look at the bizarre and brilliant volunteering opportunities working with marine wildlife across the world.Have a toothsome encounter with a Great White on the wild waters off Africa, on a whale and shark conservation project that will make for a gap year full of toothy grins. Or if you want to protect some of the planet's most endangered species, try taking up some turtle conservation in Malaysia and make sure your gap year is truly great as well as original, fun and most of all, meaningful.

Unique kids

Take up an original challenge on your gap year by becoming a community volunteer in Thailand, where you can be an original orphanage volunteer and help kids find their way to a better future. Or do something special with sports as you teach kids that its fitness first on an original sports volunteering. Helping kids across the world has always been a top priority, but now there are so many original volunteering opportunities you really are spoilt for choice.

Different destinations

Not only can you choose an original volunteer project with a difference, but you can take a trip off the beaten track too. Why not go for a green scene on a gap year on the Galapagos Islands, a dynamic and unique destination that offers something truly different? Volunteer and learn Spanish at the same time, as you take on a community or environmental challenge, on an original volunteering project in these unusual South American islands.

Be blown away!

Don't forget, original volunteering is the only real way to get involved on your gap year. Don't play it safe, strike out and show what you're made of on an original volunteering program that will blow your mind!

15 days

Our 15-day epic South African volunteering and safari adventure! Combines wildlife conservation, community volunteering, stunning safaris, camping in Kruger National Park, adventure activities and exciting excursions. It’s the ultimate African experience!

from £989

2-12 weeks

See another side to Africa with this rewarding and life-changing volunteer experience and make a real difference to kids' lives in orphanages in Tanzania.

from £449

37 days or longer

Our favourite Southeast Asian adventure tours smashed together to make one epic trip! Our 29 day Thai Adventure includes elephant experiences, hill treks, volunteering and Thai Island time. Then hop across for 12 days in beautiful Bali including beaches, relaxation and partying!

from £2,289

39 days or longer

Explore Thailand and Cambodia in one amazing Asian trip. Experience 29 days in Thailand and 10 days in Cambodia, including volunteering, hill treks, elephant experiences, Angkor Wat, beach & party time! 

from £2,089

13 days

Get involved with some super-rewarding wildlife volunteering at the Dujiangyan Panda Research Centre, before journeying through China with a group and guide. Includes a Kung Fu lesson in Shaolin and a night camping on the Great Wall of China!

from £1,419

2-12 weeks

Join monkey rehab for 2 - 8 weeks, & have a swinging sanctuary time helping to support and return apes, monkeys & other animals to the wild.

from £489

2 - 4 weeks

Calling all animal lovers in search of an Amazonian adventure! Help care for wildlife at a rescue centre in the amazing Amazon jungle in Ecuador.

from £949

2-8 weeks

Volunteer with kids at schools in gorgeous Fort Kochi in Kerala. Help teach English in schools and care for kids as a volunteer in inspirational India!

from £629

2-60 days

Make a real difference to the lives of local communities in beautiful Cape Town. Choose from a range of fantastic volunteer projects, and transfer vital skills to local settlements, schools, and crèches. An unforgettable experience!

from £599

2 - 8 weeks

Become a childcare or teaching volunteer in Surin, a stunning rural area of Thailand near to the Cambodia border. Includes two days in buzzing Bangkok!

from £659