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Travel Insurance Explained: Five Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Essential

By Jessica Whyte

Last updated: 6th August 2014

When planning your trip abroad, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning your overseas adventure, while overlooking practical considerations like travel insurance. Don’t let a lack of travel insurance ruin your dream trip! Here are five reasons why travel insurance is a must-have for any traveller, from first-time newbies to experienced globe-trotters:

1. Travel insurance is your safety net

Travel insurance is designed to make sure that you have the best time you possibly can while you are abroad, without having to worry about the possible downsides to your travel experience. Think of it as an essential safety net you wouldn’t want to be without. You wouldn’t swing from a trapeze without a net to catch you if you fall, would you? Neither should you consider setting off to a new destination without the security of travel insurance to back you up. Travel insurance can cover you for every stage of your trip so you don’t get caught out with unexpected costs. For an average charge of as little as £1-2 for each day of your trip, travel insurance is priceless when it comes to your peace of mind.

2. Travel insurance can cover cancellation costs

Booking comprehensive and reliable travel insurance should be an essential part of your travel planning, and any traveller would be well advised to put travel insurance in place as soon as they book a trip abroad. As part of our responsible travel safety policy here at Gap 360, we don’t let anyone travel with us who is uninsured.  Not everyone knows this, but the sooner you have travel insurance in place the safer the money you have spent will be. If you book a trip and have to cancel due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance can cover the trip costs you have already paid out and make sure that a cancelled trip doesn’t also equal a cash disaster.

3. Travel insurance covers expensive medical costs

No-one wants to dwell on the negatives in the run up to a trip abroad, but the reality is that sometimes medical help is needed when you are travelling. From a course of antibiotics to a stay in hospital, there are all sorts of ways to incur medical expenses while you are overseas. The cost of healthcare is very high in certain countries, especially the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, but in any country you visit and seek medical help you can soon see costs soaring. Travel insurance will protect you against spiralling medical costs and cover you for those unforeseen medical emergencies. Don’t leave health worries hanging over your head, take out travel insurance and make sure you have a safeguard in place.

4. Travel insurance protects your personal belongings

When you travel, your backpack of belongings is your essential kit, and we know you wouldn’t want to be without a single item. Unfortunately, due to loss or theft, sometimes travellers do find themselves separated from their personal belongings when they are abroad. Travel insurance protects you from the perils of lost luggage or unexpected theft, and makes sure that the cost of your precious things is covered in the unfortunate event that you and your luggage do part ways. Don’t suffer a double loss; having a travel insurance policy means you can make sure you can get your money back if this does occur.

5. Travel insurance allows for added extras such as adrenaline activities!

For any adventurous traveller, trying out adrenaline activities or having fun with some winter sports is often top of the travelling wish-list. Most basic travel insurance policies already cover many great activities, but you can extend your cover to include more extreme adventure activities or put in place specialised cover for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Then you can hit the slopes or enjoy a thrill ride safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered.

Why worry when you go travelling? Travel Insurance is an essential safety net, so make sure you’re covered before you go. Then all you have to think about is having fun abroad!

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