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Young elephants near green grass in South Africa

The Whole World 360: Our 5 Top Highlights

By Gap 360

Last updated: 7th June 2017

We love our Whole World 360. Taking in 7 countries across 5 continents, this is pretty much the ultimate adventure for any travel lover. And who doesn’t love to travel?

In fact, this trip is so good, it’s been almost impossible to pick just 5 highlights! However, after several office fights and many sleepless nights we’ve manage to pick the best of the best from this incredible trip:

Wildlife Volunteering in South Africa

To kick off your adventure, you’ll enjoy 2 weeks on a gorgeous wildlife reserve in South Africa. You’ll go on safari, help out with conservation and see wonderful animals in their natural habitats – including lions and elephants. A truly magical experience!

Partying in Thailand

No travel experience is complete without letting your hair down and partying like there’s no tomorrow! Thailand loves to party, and you’ll have an amazing time, dancing on the beach and partying with your fellow travellers. Your trip may even coincide with a legendary Full-Moon Party!

Aussie Adventures

Australia is amazing and so we’ve included TWO experiences Down Under. First, you’ll enjoy adventure activities in Cairns, including a hot-air balloon ride and snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. Then, you’ll head down the sparkling East Coast on an 8-day road trip. Bliss!

Flexible travel in NZ

New Zealand is one of those countries where you have to take your time. Around every corner there’s yet another breath-taking landscape and you’ll want to soak it all in for as long as possible. With this in mind, we’ve included a flexible hop-on hop-off bus pass in NZ, meaning that you can travel the North and South Island at your own pace!

Beautiful Brazil

South America is simply stunning and Brazil is the jewel in the crown. Explore vibrant Rio, pristine Ilha Grande and perfect Paraty on this unforgettable 8-day adventure in Brazil. There’s no better way to round off an incredible travel adventure!

Want to find out more about our Whole World 360? Head over to our website or give us a call on 01892 527392. The whole world is waiting!

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