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Landscape of Bangkok, Thailand

The One Before Thailand

By Eshan Shah

Last updated: 27th July 2014

So in less than two days I’ll be writing this blog from the other side of the world in the hustle and bustle that is Bangkok! But before I board that plane, there’s a little something that I’ve left to the last minute: packing my bag. :$

Eshan with his backpack on posing with a Thai statue at home

Now while I’m doing this last minute, I’d highly recommend that you start packing at least a week before you leave! And get your dentist, doctors, and other appointments out of the way at least a month before that.

For medications, I’d personally spend as much as I need to be fully prepared for any situation out there. Having consulted your GP specifically for the country/climate you’ll be visiting, make sure you bring along some antibacterial wipes, anti-diarrhoea pills, and waterproof plasters for sure (all this and more can be found under the mygap360 kit recommendations.)

For clothes and luxuries on the other hand, I’m packing as minimally as possible and focussing more on how I can get the most out of the few clothes I bring with me. This means bringing 2 or 3 all-purpose outfits, wash&go tide packets, and lots and lots of deodorant haha. Packing minimally also includes double checking the bag you packed a week ago and seeing if everything you’ve got is truly an essential. Carrying around a lighter and more efficiently packed kit is a huge relief in 30degs Bangkok humidity. This means you’ve also got less stress keeping track of all your stuff when travelling! 

Keep in mind that the prices for things you’ve left behind (but actually end up needing) are usually way cheaper in Thailand than at home to begin with. So put down that new shirt, flip flops, or the 1L bottle of shampoo and save your money for all the awesome activities waiting at your destination!

And with that, I’m off to go put these tips to use on my bag. See you in a few days x.

Eshan Shah

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