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The Latest Intern on the Gap 360 Scene - A Bit About Blanche!

By Blanche Delany

Last updated: 20th June 2012

I am a 20 year-old undergraduate student, currently reading Geography at the University of Southampton, where I have just completed my second year. With my final year of study starting in September, I find myself being faced with the daunting prospect of ‘real life’ that comes after University. Inevitably, the question of ‘what are you going to do after graduation?’ has been cropping up in conversation on an increasingly regular basis, so I felt that now was the perfect time to gain some first-hand experience in the working world.

As I’m taking a subject that focuses on the global landscape, Gap360 is an ideal company to be working with; I’m joining the marketing team, an area of business that I’m looking to pursue post-University. I hope to gain experience in the field of digital marketing during my time with Gap360, particularly through the ever-growing social media market that companies are now nurturing.

When I say that I am studying Geography, one of the most common responses (after the inevitable, ‘have you mastered colouring inside the lines yet?’ and ‘okay, can you name the capital of- *insert obscure country*-?) is to ask if I get to visit exciting places with my subject. The answer, I’m happy to say, is yes. One of the main perks of my degree is the field trips; during my time as a Geography student, both before and during University, I’ve been fortunate enough to study in Iceland and Paris, and I am soon to take a module based in Berlin. From these experiences I can definitely state that I enjoy travelling, and I hope to do a lot more of it in my lifetime!

Although I didn’t personally take a gap year before University, I find the potential of doing so post-graduation a big temptation; I would love to expand my travelling horizons and gain experience of working in a foreign country. In terms of the working abroad lifestyle, Canada would be the top of my list, whilst South America is somewhere I am very keen to explore on the recommendation of friends who did take gap years. My best travelling experience to date has to be a month’s InterRail trip around Europe, which I undertook with a group of six friends after finishing school. This was a great way to see Europe, covering 11 cities across 6 countries, all in the space of 30 days. Moving between cities so rapidly meant that it was definitely the most action-packed holiday I have been on, a sort of ‘extreme-tourist’ trip as we moved from landmark to landmark on the well-trodden tourist route.

At this point in my life, I’m really excited by what the future has to offer. My University experience to date has been fantastic, but I’m eagerly anticipating the possibilities of what I can do once I’ve graduated. I’m sure that the experiences I’ll be gaining from my time at Gap360 will be invaluable, and I look forward to using these as I progress into the big wide world of employment!

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