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The Global 360: 7 Things You Need to Know

By Gap 360

Last updated: 4th July 2017

Bringing together our best travel programmes from all around the world, the Global 360 really is an incredible globe-trotting adventure. Here are 7 things that you need to know about this fantastic trip:

There are 4 options

The Basic, The Standard, The Standard Plus and The Complete. Each level of Global 360 action packs in more countries and more awesome adventures. Keep it simple with The Basic or enjoy the ultimate adventure with The Complete. The choice is yours!

Find out more about our Global 360 options here.

You’ll visit up to 8 countries across 3 continents!

Depending on which Global 360 option you choose, you’ll explore up to 8 gorgeous countries all around the world. That’ll make a serious dent in your travel bucket list!

You’ll earn money

All of our Global 360 packages include a working holiday programme in Australia. This awesome programme will set you up with everything you need to find a great job Down Under, including 12 months of job support, access to a jobs database with 1000s of jobs and a shiny new Australian SIM card so you can start arranging interviews. Earn up to £15 an hour and save money for the rest of your trip!

You’ll get flexible

This is your trip and that means you’re in control! We have start dates all across the year, so you can start your adventure when best suits you. Plus, you’ll enjoy a flexible bus pass in New Zealand which allows you to travel the country at your own pace. Take your time and make the most of this incredible adventure!

You can travel for up to 12 months – or longer!

You can spend up to 12 months in both Australia and New Zealand, which means you can stretch your adventure for up to two years! That’s some serious travelling!

You can do it in reverse

Why follow the crowd? Flip this awesome trip on its head and head west, starting in the USA and ending in Thailand!

You can build your own adventure

The Global 360 is fully customizable and you can add in any of our other travel programmes. Fancy a volunteer placement in South Africa and a tour in South America? Just ask! Our travel experts can build you your perfect Global 360 adventure.

Want to find out more about our Global 360 packages? Head over to our website or give us a call on 01892 527392. Start exploring the globe!

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