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Travellers sitting in the stands at a cricket match

Smash Up at the Big Bash!

By Madeleine Carter

Last updated: 13th January 2013

Cricket. Hmmmm, well, I’m not the biggest of cricket fans- I LOVE sport, but have never seen the appeal in cricket. I mean- rugby, American football, ice skating, some football, formula 1, occasional horse race…. But they’re all so exciting and I’ve never really seen the excitement in cricket. But if ever there would be something to change my mind- it would have to be cricket in the Melbourne Cricket Ground with 46, 000 people, fireworks, fights, good rivalry and FREE FACEPAINTING!

The atmosphere was awesome- even whilst sitting with the sun blaring in our eyes as it set slowly behind the arena, everyone was still having a great time. We had our free face paint on, our “4” and “6” posters to wave and some of the biggest crowd Mexican waves ever! We saw 2 people get arrested and removed from the stadium ( probably drunken behaviour-  the Aussies do not tolerate that in public…. :L ), we saw famous cricketers such as Shane Warne and Lasith Malinga and a fight between Samuels and Warne in which balls and bats were thrown!

Cricket has never been exciting to me and yet in the final few overs I was watching intently and felt genuinely gutted that my team didn’t win.

So in conclusion I will have to take back what I’ve previously said and say that if you don’t like cricket- try seeing a real game. (A T20 game… Not the boring long winded versions, haven’t quiiite been sold on that yet) it was so fun, so exciting and would definitely do it again!

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